Ruckus Wireless Completes ShoreTel Certification to Deliver Crystal-Clear Voice over Wi-Fi in the Enterprise

Companies Leverage Advances in Dynamic Wi-Fi Signal Path Selection and

Unified Communications to Deliver Industry's Most Robust Voice over Wi-Fi


Nov 19, 2007, 00:00 ET from Ruckus Wireless, Inc.

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Ruckus Wireless, a leading
 supplier of Smart Wireless LAN systems, announced today that they completed
 ShoreTel's Technology Partner Program (TPP) certification, which ensures
 interoperability with ShoreTel 7.5, ShoreTel's latest release of its Pure
 IP Unified Communications system. Ruckus Wireless has achieved the ShoreTel
 Certified designation through comprehensive testing completed in the
 ShoreTel certification lab, working together to deliver the industry's most
 robust implementation of IP telephony over new 802.11 "Smart Wi-Fi"
 technology, ushering in a new era of enterprise voice over Wi-Fi services.
     Smart Wi-Fi is a revolutionary new technology for controlling the
 unlicensed radio frequencies that Wi-Fi uses to ensure the best possible
 Wi-Fi connection for any given traffic type. Sophisticated quality of
 service technology is combined with a smart antenna array to eliminate
 typical Wi-Fi transmission problems.
     The interoperability and collaboration marries Ruckus Wireless Smart
 Wi-Fi technology found in its popular ZoneFlex Smart WLAN systems and
 MediaFlex routers with ShoreTel's IP telephony systems to give companies
 more predictable performance and extended range when running IP voice
 services over Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi infrastructure.
     Using the combined solution from Ruckus Wireless and ShoreTel,
 enterprise customers can realize a number of unique benefits such as:
     --  Doubling or tripling the Wi-Fi coverage area
     --  Better voice quality in the presence of other forms of traffic and in
         the presence of RF interference
     --  Support for high density environments and a larger number of voice
         clients per access point
     --  Consistent high data throughput available for other applications
     --  Ultra simple installation and maintenance
     --  Power savings on VoFi-enabled dual-mode phones
     --  Seamless operation of certified VoIP over Wi-Fi phones (initially
         using Hitachi IP5000 and UT Starcom F1000G phones)
     "At Pacific Ridge School, one of the reasons we installed the Ruckus
 ZoneFlex Smart wireless LAN was to add unique value to our ShoreTel IP
 unified communications system," said Bill Maynard, chief technology officer
 for NetCom America, the solutions provider for the elementary school in
 Carlsbad, California. "We expect this to be a winning combination because
 both the Ruckus and the ShoreTel systems focus a great deal of attention on
 quality of service, extended range and superior performance."
     Transmission hiccups over radio frequencies account for the vast
 majority of Wi-Fi problems ranging from poor coverage to erratic
 performance. These problems are acutely problematic for delay-sensitive
 traffic such as multicast IP video and voice over IP transmissions.
     "The combination of VoIP and Wi-Fi is profoundly compelling to
 enterprises of all sizes," said Steve Timmerman, vice president of
 marketing for ShoreTel. "One of the key issues in the implementation of
 these technologies is reliability. Ruckus Wireless helps solve this
 problem, giving our partners and customers the opportunity to expand the
 benefits of mobility in the enterprise."
     Leveraging technical advances in Smart Wi-Fi that control the path that
 signals and traffic take over radio frequencies, customers with the Ruckus
 ZoneFlex WLAN system can now use voice over Wi-Fi phones while maintaining
 superb voice quality over the RF channel, even in the presence of other
 data traffic.
     Ruckus patented beam steering (BeamFlex(TM)) and quality of service
 (QoS) (SmartCast(TM)) technologies provide up to a four-fold increase in
 Wi-Fi coverage area and more consistent throughput everywhere within the
 wireless environment. These technologies work in concert to focus RF energy
 and Wi-Fi signals in a specific direction and automatically steer them
 around interference as it occurs. This allows the system to continuously
 push up the data rate and lower packet loss by always providing the best
 signal path for every transmission.
     Independent competitive research performed by Jones-Petrick and
 Associates has conclusively revealed that the Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart WLAN
 system achieved the highest MOS* (mean opinion score) scores and R-Values*
 along with some of the lowest average jitter measurements. The independent
 testing pitted the Ruckus ZoneFlex system against the industry's top four
 enterprise wireless LAN systems. The testing was performed by JPA in an
 18,000 square foot office facility in Fremont, California. For the VoIP
 over Wi-Fi testing, five different locations were used with 19 voice
 clients and one data client.
     About Ruckus Wireless, Inc.
     Based in Sunnyvale, California, Ruckus Wireless is a next-generation
 Wi-Fi company credited with pioneering "Smart Wi-Fi" technology. Named a
 2007 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Ruckus Wireless was
 formed in 2004 at Sequoia Capital. The company designs, develops and
 markets industrial-strength Wi-Fi systems that provide reliable
 distribution of delay-sensitive multimedia content and services over
 standard 802.11 technology. Its flagship product, ZoneFlex, is the first
 wireless LAN system to combine the best in centralized wireless LAN
 principles with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi advances such as smart antenna
 arrays and wireless meshing. Its MediaFlex line of multimedia wireless
 routers is used by more than 125 broadband operators around the world to
 extend digital services such as IPTV throughout the home without wires. The
 company's patented hardware and software technologies deliver predictable
 performance, extended range and real-time adaptability to changing Wi-Fi
 environments. The company has raised approximately $32 million in financing
 from premier venture capital investors, consumer electronics companies and
 broadband operators such a Motorola, T-Ventures, Telus, Sutter Hill
 Ventures, Mitsui, Sequoia and others. Ruckus Wireless is led by President
 and CEO Selina Lo. For more information, visit the company's Web site at
      * MOS is a subjective rating of the quality of a voice call using
        latency, packet loss and jitter as key factors. R-Value is related to
        MOS as another scoring method for voice quality metric.  It is
        preferred over other scoring methods by the
        Telecommunications Industry Association.
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