Russia Opens New Nanotech Center With FEI Tools

FEI Plays Key Role in Moscow's New Pilot Scientific and Technical Center of

Excellence for Nanotechnology Development

Jun 05, 2006, 01:00 ET from FEI Company

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- FEI Company (Nasdaq:  
 FEIC) today announced that three of its systems, including Tecnai(TM) T12
 and T30 transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) and a Quanta(TM) 3D
 DualBeam(TM), have been selected as core enabling tools for Russia's new
 Pilot Scientific and Technical Center of Excellence for Nanotechnology
 Development. The state-of-the-art center will give researchers and
 developers from across the Russian Federation access to advanced nanoscale
 imaging, analysis and manipulation capabilities.
     The multi-million dollar center is being funded by the Russian
 Federation. It is anticipated that Russia's overall investment in
 nanotechnology development will exceed $400 million in 2007. Globally,
 combined government investment in nanotechnology development is expected to
 reach $5 billion in 2006. Private investments by corporations are expected
 to exceed the government number for the first time ever, reaching nearly $6
 billion this year.
     "Government nanotechnology investments were initially led by Europe,
 North America and Japan," commented Sean Murdock, executive director of the
 US-based NanoBusiness Alliance. "Now countries such as Russia, China,
 Brazil and India have joined the trend and are making significant
 investments. As the nanotechnology era builds momentum, it is being
 recognized not only as a tool for economic development, but the scale at
 which all future scientific and product breakthroughs will take place. We
 are excited that a US company such as FEI plays such a vital role in
 enabling nanotechnology development around the world."
     The Tecnai T12 and T30 systems have been purchased by the Russian
 center. The third system, the Quanta 3D DualBeam, is being supplied by
 Systems for Microscopy and Analysis, FEI's sales agent in Russia. FEI and
 Systems for Microscopy and Analysis look forward to working closely with
 the Center of Excellence to further develop methods and applications for
 characterization and manipulation at the nanoscale.
     The Pilot Scientific and Technical Center of Excellence for
 Nanotechnology Development is located in Moscow. It was opened officially
 by Russian officials on June 3, 2006. The Russian delegation was led by
 professor Michail V. Kovalchuk, secretary of the council for science,
 technology and education under the Russian Federation's President, Vladimir
 Putin. Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology for the United States
 Robert Cresanti and Bob Gregg, executive vice president of sales and
 service for FEI, participated in the opening ceremonies. It was Cresanti's
 first trip to Russia since he became President Bush's Under Secretary for
 Technology in March.
     "We at FEI are honored to be selected as a partner to support the work
 of Russia's new world-class center of excellence," commented Bob Gregg of
 FEI. "We are also proud that we are not only providing some of the best
 enabling tools available, but that we are helping the world's leading
 researchers and developers create new products and technologies. These
 advances are expected to address key global issues and to enhance our
 quality of life around the globe."
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 statements about sales of Tecnai TEM and Quanta 3D DualBeam systems and
 spending and investments on nanotechnology development in the future.
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