Sabre Travel Network Enhances Offering for Fully Automated Fare By Rule Capability to Air Pricing Suite

Global Solution for Category 25 Provides Airlines and Travel Agencies the

Ability to Automatically Accept and Process Discounted Fares

Apr 06, 2004, 01:00 ET from Sabre Travel Network

    SOUTHLAKE, Texas, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Sabre Travel Network, the Sabre
 Holdings business that connects travel suppliers and agents through the
 world's leading global distribution system (GDS), announced today the global
 release of a newly enhanced automated solution that further simplifies
 complicated negotiated fare contracts.
     With the automated solution, airlines file published fares and rules via
 Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCo) using the Category 25 Fare by Rule
 process to attach corporate discount formulas and client-specific fare rules
 to the fares they file.  The Sabre GDS then accepts the ATPCo Fare by Rule
 feeds, automatically calculating the appropriate fare.
     "We are committed to providing quality fare information, enhancing
 efficiency for agents and guaranteeing fares that are auto-priced and auto-
 ticketed in the Sabre GDS," said John Stow, president of Sabre Travel Network.
 "This development allows more accurate and quicker filings, decreasing the
 agent workload and the presence of human error."
     The process virtually eliminates discrepancies caused by manual input of
 the rules because there is no interpretation, just automation.  The
 development also minimizes travel agency debit memos, gives agents access to
 the most current negotiated fares, and provides integration with all Sabre
 Travel Network productivity tools, such as Bargain Finder Plus and Flight
     The streamlined, automated solution allows the use of a corporate
 ID/account code for any fare or passenger type and the ability to price a zero
 percent discount that includes a ticket designator.  Upon filing by the
 airlines, the fares are instantly accessible, enabling agents to use special
 fares immediately.
     About Sabre Travel Network
     Sabre Travel Network, a Sabre Holdings company, provides access to the
 world's leading global distribution system (GDS) enabling agents at more than
 53,000 agency locations worldwide to be travel experts.  The Sabre GDS, the
 first system to connect the buyers and sellers of travel, today includes more
 than 400 airlines, approximately 60,000 hotels, 41 car rental companies, nine
 cruise lines, 35 railroads and 220 tour operators.  Key brands of Sabre Travel
 Network include GetThere, the leading Web-based corporate travel reservation
 technology, and Jurni Network, the unique leisure travel agency consortium
 that enables members to sell more products from preferred travel suppliers
 using sophisticated market intelligence.
     Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE:   TSG) is a world leader in travel
 commerce, retailing travel products and providing distribution and technology
 solutions for the travel industry.  More information about Sabre Holdings is
 available at .

SOURCE Sabre Travel Network