Sabre Travel Network Introduces Jurni Network

Leisure Travel Business Will Increase Agency and Supplier Revenue Through

Market Intelligence, Drive Highly Targeted Merchandising of Preferred Supplier


Oct 22, 2003, 01:00 ET from Sabre Travel Network

    SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In a move to further
 penetrate the leisure travel market through a new offline sales model, Sabre
 Travel Network, a Sabre Holdings (NYSE:   TSG) company, today announced the
 creation of Jurni Network, a unique offline leisure travel agency consortium.
     Jurni Network will provide agency members access to the industry's most
 sophisticated market intelligence combined with highly targeted marketing
 programs, and will offer preferred suppliers the opportunity to increase sales
 through the preferencing of their products at the agents' desktop.  The
 consortium will be backed by proven products and services that leverage the
 industry expertise, travel merchandising and technology capabilities across
 Sabre Holdings.
     Nexion Component of Jurni Network
     Sabre Travel Network has recently signed an agreement to purchase the
 assets of Nexion, Inc. as a component of the creation of Jurni Network.  This
 purchase is expected to bring 750 independent agents as charter members of
 Jurni.  It is also expected to enable the development of a unique integrated
 desktop application for Jurni agents, founded on the Nexion technology
 platform, that allows Jurni Network to merchandise preferred supplier
 offerings at the point-of-sale.
     Nexion began as a consumer travel site, then converted to become a host
 travel agency for offline leisure travel professionals in 1998.  Headquartered
 in San Jose, California, Nexion has developed an exclusive Internet-based
 technology platform that provides access to the widest possible travel
 inventory.  Nexion currently connects travel professionals with all four major
 global distribution systems, as well as graphical cruise booking, Web fares
 and the air consolidator shopping mall, in one single, affordable platform
 using a PC and a local Internet connection.  While Nexion's technology and
 professional expertise is expected to support Jurni Network, Sabre Travel
 Network plans to continue to operate Nexion as a host agency, strengthening
 Sabre Travel Network's capabilities and relationships with offline leisure
 travel agencies.
     Travel Product Offerings
     Starting next quarter, Jurni agents will gain access to a wide range of
 leisure travel products sourced from Travelocity, Site59, Nexion and Sabre
 Exclusives merchant hotels, in addition to negotiated products from preferred
     "Jurni Network will transform the traditional roles of agencies, suppliers
 and the GDS in this new consortium model," said Eric J. Speck, chief marketing
 officer of Sabre Holdings.  "It will enhance the value proposition offered to
 both agencies and suppliers through a typical agency network with in-depth
 traveler data and targeted marketing programs for agents and preferenced
 merchandising opportunities for preferred suppliers.  By partnering with Jurni
 members, Jurni Network will be able to advance its efforts to be actively
 involved in retailing travel products to drive more revenue for participating
 suppliers, Jurni members and Sabre Travel Network."
     Market Intelligence Offering
     Jurni Network is working with Equitec, a leader in providing consumer-
 based business intelligence solutions.  Equitec leverages proven methodologies
 and development relationships with world leaders in data assets and analytical
 software.  This unique combination of resources enables Equitec's clients to
 accurately understand and predict consumer behavior, enhance customer value
 and effectively market their products and services.
     Through the services of this provider, Jurni Network will offer
 sophisticated market intelligence to enhance agents' ability to sell through
 access to knowledge about specific consumer groups' travel trends, behaviors
 and preferences.  This customer insight will help agents predict which travel
 products certain groups of shoppers within their own customer base are most
 likely to buy.  The database offering will be integrated at the agent's
 desktop and will also incorporate online shopping data to identify sales and
 shopping trends.  The market intelligence, travel products and booking
 capabilities will all be integrated into a single, easy-to-use desktop booking
 tool that interfaces with any GDS or booking interface.
     "Jurni Network offers a new leisure travel sales model that will offer
 significant revenue opportunities to travel agency members, preferred
 suppliers and Sabre Travel Network," continued Speck.  "It will offer member
 agencies a means to conduct customized marketing efforts they've never been
 able to do before.  It will provide a limited group of preferred suppliers a
 new channel to merchandise their products effectively through sales tools that
 preference their products on the agent's desktops.  And it will offer
 travelers the opportunity to work with agents who can anticipate their desires
 and match them immediately with great travel deals."
     Jurni Network Enters Market with Industry Firsts
      -- Market Intelligence -- First agency network to offer in-depth,
         sophisticated traveler segmentation data from offline and online
         sources coupled with highly targeted marketing programs that will
         enable agents at their desktop to sell the right product to the right
      -- Technology -- First consortium to provide a desktop application that
         provides preferenced merchandising opportunities on a GDS-independent
      -- Unmatched travel products -- access to products sourced from multiple
         acquired and existing Sabre Holdings travel products, in addition to
         negotiated products from preferred suppliers.
     Jurni Network Leadership
     Chris Kroeger will serve as general manager of Jurni Network.  He most
 recently held the position of senior vice president of Sabre Travel Network,
 Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Kroeger began his career with Sabre Holdings
 in 1989 in the market research department.  Subsequent positions have included
 product marketing for airline distribution services, regional sales manager in
 the western U.S. and national agency accounts divisions, and leadership roles
 responsible for the accounts of international travel agency customers in Latin
 America and the Caribbean, and Europe, Middle East and Africa.
     "Chris has a unique skill set of understanding agencies, both small and
 large, building solutions based on customer needs, and delivering value to
 travel suppliers," said Speck.  "This is what Jurni Network is all about."
     Jurni Network Benefits
     Industry-leading benefits of the Jurni Network will include:
      -- Travel agencies
         -- Unique market intelligence and highly targeted marketing programs
         -- One-of-a-kind desktop booking tool integrated with any GDS and
            database information
         -- Dedicated customer service team and training
         -- Access to exceptional travel products
      -- Suppliers
         -- Valuable agency network for efficient, highly targeted retailing of
            their travel product
         -- Access to real-time reporting mechanisms
         -- Technology capabilities and travel merchandising expertise from
            across Sabre Holdings
      -- Travelers
         -- Opportunity to work with agencies who can provide a great shopping
            experience through knowledge about their preferences
     More information on Jurni Network can be found at .
     About Sabre Travel Network
     Sabre Travel Network, a Sabre Holdings company, offers products and
 solutions for travel agencies who serve both business and leisure travelers.
 It provides access to the world's leading global distribution system (GDS) and
 products and services enabling agents at more than 53,000 agency locations
 worldwide to be travel experts.  Originally developed in 1960, the Sabre GDS
 was the first system to connect the buyers and sellers of travel.  Today the
 system includes more than 400 airlines, approximately 60,000 hotels, 53 car
 rental companies, nine cruise lines, 36 railroads and 232 tour operators.
     Jurni Network, a Sabre Travel Network business, is a leisure travel
 consortium that enables offline agencies to increase revenue by using
 sophisticated market intelligence and preferred suppliers to increase sales
 through preferenced merchandising at the agent's desktop.
     Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE:   TSG) is a world leader in travel
 commerce, retailing travel products and providing distribution and technology
 solutions for the travel industry.  More information about Sabre Holdings is
 available at
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