Safeguard Your PC From Summer Power Problems

Summer Means Increased Power Risks For PC-Users.

May 16, 2002, 01:00 ET from Tripp Lite

    CHICAGO, May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- During hot summer months, electric power
 usage increases and brownouts become more common across the nation, making
 power protection an absolute must-have. The simplest solution is a surge
 suppressor with isolated filter banks to insulate equipment against power
 surges and spikes generated by thunderstorms and "noisy" neighboring
     The risks of power problems always go up in seasonal climates during
 warmer summer months. Power consumption rises, and lightning storms and
 tornadoes occur with increased frequency. Similar to carrying a spare tire in
 the trunk of your car, the right power protection can turn a powerful bolt of
 lightning into a simple blip on your television screen. Now is the perfect
 time to assess your power protection plan to ensure your data and electronic
 equipment make it through the summer in one piece. The Isobar(R) Premium Surge
 Suppressor offers a no-hassle solution to protect your valuable electronic
 equipment at home and in the office.
     Power failures and surges account for over 45% of computer data loss.
 (Contingency Planning Study)
     "When most of us think of catastrophic power problems including surges, we
 conjure up visions of lightning strikes and tornadoes, so the idea of buying a
 surge suppressor often seems unnecessary," explains Dave Slotten. "But along
 with these natural disasters, people often put their valuable electronic
 equipment at risk every time they run a number of electronic devices at one
 time and involuntarily overload the circuit."
     If your home or business has an integrated circuit board surge suppressor
 (common in newer installations) or even a backup generator, you have what is
 known in the industry as "front-end" power protection. It covers you against
 the catastrophic event of a direct lightning strike or complete utility
 failure. But this type of protection is useless at safeguarding against the
 source of another common power problem-the tenants themselves.
     When you run a vacuum cleaner and a television simultaneously, the video
 "snow" you see on the screen appears because the vacuum motor and a piece of
 sensitive electronic equipment are sharing the same circuit, interrupting the
 TV's clear output. The motor draws more power from the a shared circuit,
 forcing the TV to operate on less than 120 volts (the normal power coursing
 through a wall outlet). The TV components have to work harder with less power,
 which can lead to burnt out circuitry and degradation over time. Plus, when
 the vacuum is finally turned off, the flow of power back to the television
 causes a surge, which creates a very real possibility of equipment damage.
     The Isobar(R) Premium Surge Suppressor, which includes up to 8 outlets and
 features an all-metal construction, helps protect against an overloaded
 circuits.  Modem/fax and coaxial protection options safeguard satellite or
 pay-per-view connections. Tripp Lite also offers an economy surge series.
 Protect It!(TM) Surge Suppressors are reliable plastic alternatives to the
 heavy-duty protection of an Isobar.
     Now consider another scenario. Say you are working late at the office or
 finishing work on a PC at home, someone in another part of the house or
 building may be operating a powerful drill and a portable heater
 simultaneously while trying to finish up a craft project or construction job.
 Suddenly, the whole office or house plunges into darkness as they overload the
 circuit they are plugged into. Whatever you were working on is probably lost,
 not to mention the probability that your motherboard was zapped in the
     The best solution is a UPS system. This is essentially a specialized
 battery in a box connected to critical equipment that can instantaneously
 provide enough battery backup power in the event of a power failure to allow
 you to save open files and perform an orderly system shutdown. These units
 also protect against surges and line noise, making them an ideal form of
 protection for any critical equipment that needs to be supported -- even for a
 few minutes -- during a blackout. Tripp Lite offers a wide range of UPS
 systems from basic to highly sophisticated models that include network-wide
 power management and astronomical runtimes for mission-critical applications.
     About Tripp Lite
     As the world's leading manufacturer of power protection equipment, Tripp
 Lite's innovations include the world's first UPS system designed specifically
 for personal computers, and the world's most trusted premium surge suppressor
 -- the Isobar(R) -- with more than 14 million in use.
     Enhanced service and innovative products have been Tripp Lite standards
 for more than 80 years. Additional information, including a list of Tripp
 Lite's sales offices and authorized reseller partners, can be found by
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