Safety Warning System(R) Added to Florida List of Approved Traffic Control Devices

Apr 25, 2001, 01:00 ET from Safety Warning System(R)

    ENGLEWOOD, Fla., April 25 /PRNewswire/ -- With the addition of the Safety
 Warning System(R) (SWS)(R) to the Florida Department of Transportation's list
 of approved traffic control products, the innovative driver-alert system can
 now be used by contractors in any state highway project.  Most significantly,
 however, the SWS becomes an integral part of a new Florida project aimed at
 improving safety in work zones.
     Florida's Motorist Awareness System (MAS) mixes high-tech messaging
 devices with traditional signs and law enforcement to more effectively slow
 traffic in areas where road construction and maintenance is taking place.
 Work zone fatalities are a persistent problem across the nation.  In 1999,
 there were 868 such deaths, up from 772 in 1998.  Florida recorded 30 work
 zone fatalities in 1999.
     The MAS uses variable message signs tied into Safety Warning System
 transmitters to alert drivers as they approach active work zones.  The message
 delivered by the signs and SWS transmitters can be changed as necessary.  Low-
 power AM radio transmitters tell motorists what to expect ahead.  Radar speed
 display trailers show the speeds of approaching vehicles while showing what
 the speed limit is for the work area.
     Drivers can be informed of lane closures, reasons for delays, advance
 warning of day or night work zones, that fines will be doubled in active work
 areas, special messages for large trucks, standard safety warnings and special
 weather alerts generated by the National Weather Service.  Messages can be
 changed and the system can be switched on or off remotely by telephone.  The
 MAS is intended to be shut down when no work is taking place in the zone.
     The Safety Warning System is a microwave-based technology that transmits
 messages to receivers that alert drivers by means of text messages, audible
 warnings and, in some units, a synthesized voice.  While SWS-only receivers
 are not yet on the market, millions of SWS-enhanced radar detectors have been
 sold nationwide, and conventional radar detectors also sound a warning when
 encountering a Safety Warning transmitter's signal.
     The Florida DOT's March 31 approval of the Safety Warning System means it
 can be used not only in conjunction with MAS installations, but also in any
 location where SWS messages would be appropriate to help improve safety.  The
 Safety Warning System can deliver more than 60 messages in five categories --
 highway construction or maintenance, highway hazard zone advisory, weather
 related hazards, travel information/convenience and fast/slow-moving vehicles.
     "We are thrilled about being a part of Florida's Motorist Awareness
 System," said Janice Lee, president of Safety Warning System, L.C.  "We
 believe we have much to offer this important effort and Florida highway safety
 in general."
     For more information about the Safety Warning System, contact Safety
 Warning System, L.C. at 2400 N. Beach Road, Unit 12, Englewood, FL 34223;
 telephone 941-473-1555;
     MPH Industries, Inc., of Owensboro, Kentucky, and Innovative Technology of
 America, of Champaign, Illinois, are licensed manufacturers of SWS
     In addition to Safety Warning System, L.C.'s owner companies -- Escort,
 Inc., of West Chester, Ohio; Uniden America Corporation, of Fort Worth, Texas;
 and The Whistler Group, of Bentonville, Arkansas; BG Tech America, Inc., of
 Fort Lee, New Jersey; and SK Global America, Inc., of New York, New York, are
 licensed manufacturers of SWS receivers in the United States.
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SOURCE Safety Warning System(R)