SageTV Releases Version 6.1 of Its Popular Media Center Software Package for Windows and Linux PCs

Updated Media Center's Added Features Include Support for YouTube, Vista

Apr 16, 2007, 01:00 ET from SageTV

    INGLEWOOD, Calif., April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- SageTV announced today the
 release of Sage TV Media Center 6.1, an update of its popular personal
 video recording (PVR) and media center software package for Windows and
 Linux PCs. Like the earlier Version 6.0, Sage TV Media Center Version 6.1
 brings online video to your TV, support for the global DVB broadcasting
 standard, the ability to play unencrypted DVD libraries on the TV with
 SageTV Media Extender, and expanded file support that allows you to play
 virtually any video and music file format. The new Sage TV Version 6.1,
 available for download at , adds beta support for
 watching, browsing, and searching YouTube videos. Its Online Services
 button now lets you view YouTube video as well as Google video, local
 weather, and even TV show editorials.
     SageTV software enables users to watch, pause and record TV programs on
 their Windows or Linux PCs without the need to pay for monthly PVR service
 or buy a new Windows XP MCE PC or Windows XP MCE operating system. It also
 provides a single interface for accessing PC-based photo, music and video
 files; can be used on any TV in the home with the addition of a SageTV
 media extender; and offers an optional SageTV Placeshifter license enabling
 users to access their home TV and entire media library on any
 Internet-connected PC or Mac in the home or away from home.
     SageTV's mature technology is known for its ease, power, and
 expandability. In addition to the addition of YouTube to the Online
 Services feature, the new Sage TV 6.1 has enhanced its user interface,
 maximizing ease of installment and operation. After downloading and
 installing the file from SageTV's website, a wizard walks you through
 configuring your set-up, and within minutes, you're watching TV and setting
 up your recordings!
     SageTV's playback capabilities are noticeably superior. Your videos
 always play smoothly, without stuttering, on any size display. Because
 SageTV 6.1 is a media center, SageTV also plays your music, DVDs, and
 videos recorded from other sources, like BitTorrent, as well as displaying
 photo slideshows. With SageTV, all these functions merge seamlessly.
     The Sage TV 6.1 software package is incredibly versatile. You can take
 your recordings with you, even when you don't have an Internet connection,
 because you can use Sage TV's Placeshifter to view your shows from the
 Internet. You can burn a DVD, export to your iPod (video) or PSP-or even to
 your RAZR phone! You can convert all recordings to true MPEG4 or MPEG4
 HDTV. If you insert more than one turner card into your PC, you can record
 multiple shows at the same time.
     With the Sage TV Version 6.1 Media Center, you can view live and
 recorded TV from any PC or on a regular TV. Sage TV Version 6.1 supports
 Windows Vista, as well as several new tuners, including Hauppage HVR-1600
 (dual ATSC and NTSC) and HVR-950; VistView Saber 2020; AverMedia M780; and
     Sage TV Media Center Version 6.1 provides subscription free EPG service
 (U.S. & Canadian Listings Only, Europe requires tvtv service subscription),
 providing up to a 14-day Integrated Programming Guide, One-touch Recording,
 access to Google Video, Favorites Manager, Search, Music, Photos, DVD
 Playback and much more. You can also turn your PC into a networked home
 media center by using SageTV and the SageTV Placeshifter or SageTV Client
 together to stream Live TV and access all your media from anywhere in the
     Minimum system requirements include an Intel Pentium III 600 MHz or AMD
 Athlon 600 MHz computer with Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000 SP3 or higher, ME
 or XP (Home, Pro or MCE), or most major Linux distributions, and 128MB RAM
 (256MB recommended). More information and specifications are available at .
     Version 6.1 of SageTV Media Center for Windows and SageTV Media Center
 Linux OEM Edition sell for $79.95 at .
     About SageTV
     SageTV, LLC (formerly Frey Technologies, LLC) is a pioneer in personal
 video recording and home media center technologies that combine television,
 music and related media into a complete, easy-to-use home media experience
 controlled from an existing PC. SageTV Media Center, the company's flagship
 product, is the first PVR solution that operates on both PCs and TVs, can
 be deployed on either Windows or Linux, and supports multiple tuners,
 networking and intelligent recording. The company was founded in 2002 and
 is based in Inglewood, CA. For more information, visit .