SaltWorks, Inc. Advises Table Salt Alternatives

Health risks of refined salt prompt consumers, food industry to consider

benefits of natural sea salt

Mar 31, 2008, 01:00 ET from SaltWorks, Inc.

    WOODINVILLE, Wash., March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- No one would knowingly
 sprinkle chemicals over a dinner plate - yet that's exactly what millions
 of Americans unwittingly do every day when they choose to season their food
 with refined table salt, says Mark Zoske, co-founder of SaltWorks, Inc.
 (, the world's leading supplier of gourmet sea salt.
 Accordingly, Zoske is appealing to the food industry to halt its use of
 refined table salt.
     "Refined salt is a chemical. Natural sea salt is gourmet food. It's
 just that simple," Zoske explained. "SaltWorks sea salts are carefully
 harvested by skilled salt farmers. Refined salts are manufactured in a
 chemical factory by scientists."
     That is precisely why table salt is such a health threat. Refined, or
 table, salts are 99.9% sodium chloride, their naturally occurring minerals
 and trace elements stripped away during the lengthy refining process.
 Manufacturers then sell the trace elements separately to maximize profits.
 The remaining sodium chloride is then heat blasted, bleached white, pumped
 up with chemicals like aluminum and other anti-caking agents and packaged
 for consumers as a seasoning - a "seasoning" that burdens the kidneys and
 adrenal glands, depletes calcium and interferes with the body's ability to
 absorb other essential nutrients. Low-sodium salt is even worse: Removing
 sodium from refined table salt forces refineries to add more chemicals just
 to simulate the taste of salt.
     In stark contrast, pure, unrefined salt - like the new Pure Ocean line
 of sea salts SaltWorks has developed - contains up to 80 trace elements and
 minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, sulfur and magnesium, all essential to
 healthy bodily functions. Pure Ocean, along with every other line of salts
 available at, is still made the traditional way, by evaporating
 clean seawater in the sun and wind. To ensure his company's all-natural
 guarantee is upheld, Zoske personally inspects every family farm and
 village hand-harvesting the salt SaltWorks imports.
     "Consumers deserve healthier ingredients in their food," stated Naomi
 Novotny, SaltWorks co-founder. "If more people knew the truth about table
 salt, I believe it would quickly go the way of trans fats. SaltWorks is
 urging everyone involved in the food industry - restaurants, grocery
 stores, food manufacturers, etc. - to stop needlessly exposing consumers to
 the adverse health effects of the chemical known as refined table salt.
 We're just asking everyone to season responsibly."
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