SaltWorks, Inc. on Track for Record Sales in 2008

Sea salt purveyor named number-one fastest growing gourmet food company on

2007 Inc. 5000

May 08, 2008, 01:00 ET from SaltWorks, Inc.

    WOODINVILLE, Wash., May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading gourmet sea salt
 company SaltWorks, Inc. ( capped off a year of
 record sales growth by being named to the 2007 Inc. 5000 list
 ( as the
 second fastest growing privately owned food and beverage company in the
 U.S. -- and the number-one fastest growing privately owned gourmet food
 company in the country.
     But SaltWorks isn't stopping there. In fact, according to company
 co-founders Mark Zoske and Naomi Novotny, the first four months of 2008
 have all been record sales months as well, and Zoske predicts 2008 will be
 SaltWorks' best year ever.
     "SaltWorks is firing on all cylinders," Zoske stated. "All of our
 brands are outperforming our projections. Our newly launched Fusion line of
 flavored salts is pushing sales to record numbers."
     Contributing to those sales numbers is the fact that SaltWorks sea
 salts, including the world's top gourmet sea salt brands and SaltWorks
 private-label salts, are now stocked in gourmet stores in every state in
 the country. At the same time, SaltWorks' international sales are exceeding
 all expectations. SaltWorks sells in 25 countries worldwide, with Europe
 and Asia leading the demand for the company's salts.
     To accommodate the growth, Zoske and Novotny have ramped up production
 of their private-label packaging, which is now offered for SaltWorks' 40
 most popular salts. The company has recently increased its packaging line
 capacity by 400%, from 3,500 units per shift to 14,000.
     "We can now complete private-label projects faster, more accurately and
 with higher quality than any other sea salt manufacturer," Novotny
 explained. "Our new state-of-the-art production line includes an optical
 color sorter, multi-level vibratory screener, rare earth magnet, metal
 detector, high-speed filler, automatic capper and induction sealer. No
 other sea salt company is able to supply this level of technology and food
     So how does SaltWorks just keep growing, even in the face of
 skyrocketing food and fuel costs and plummeting home values? The answer
 involves both the sea salt itself and consumers' appetite for gourmet,
 natural foods.
     "Gourmet salt transcends recessionary spending trends," Zoske said. "I
 believe when consumers cut back on restaurant meals, they put more care and
 effort into preparing home-cooked meals. Gourmet sea salts are an
 inexpensive but powerful way to improve the food people cook in their own
 homes, giving them the subtle seasoning and gourmet tastes they could get
 from a restaurant without breaking the monthly food budget."
     About SaltWorks, Inc.
     SaltWorks is America's gourmet sea salt company, offering the world's
 finest brands of sea salt, including Artisan Salt Company, Fusion, Le
 Tresor and Pure Ocean. The company stocks over two million pounds of sea
 salt in 60 different varieties. SaltWorks prides itself on its approach to
 the sea salt business, focusing on traditional harvesting methods,
 sustainability, natural processes and quality. To learn more, visit
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