Samba Creator Andrew Tridgell Joins OSDL

Tridgell to Focus on Leading Development Work for Samba Project That Provides

Popular Drop-in Linux Replacement for Windows File and Print Servers

Jan 17, 2005, 00:00 ET from Open Source Development Labs, Inc.

    BEAVERTON, Ore., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The Open Source Development Labs
 (OSDL), a global consortium dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux in
 the enterprise, today named Samba creator Andrew Tridgell, PhD, as the Lab's
 second appointed Fellow. Tridgell joins Linux creator Linus Torvalds as an
 OSDL Fellow, positions created by the Lab to allow strategic developers to
 focus exclusively on their development and coding contributions to the open
 source community.
     As an OSDL Fellow, Tridgell will continue to lead global development work
 for the open source Samba project. Licensed under the GPL, Samba is a suite of
 programs that allow Windows(R) clients to access a server's filespace and
 printers via the SMB (Server Message Block)/CIFS (Common Internet File System)
 protocols. Tridgell first released Samba in January, 1992 as an SMB server for
 UNIX. Samba, used by millions of people around the world, runs on Linux and
 most enterprise operating systems.
     "Samba has long been one of the most important open source projects and it
 is recognized as a critical component for Linux in business," said Stuart
 Cohen, CEO of OSDL. "We're pleased to have a developer of Andrew's stature
 join the Lab and that we can dedicate our resources to helping him continue
 his contributions to the Samba project."
     Tridgell is currently working on the next major release of Samba, version
 4, that has five goals:  protocol completeness, extreme testability, non-POSIX
 backends, fully asynchronous internals and flexible process models.
     "Samba4 is reaching an important milestone as a complete re-write of the
 old Samba code with the ambitious goal to be able to become an Active
 Directory Domain Controller," Tridgell said. "I'm excited about my new role
 with OSDL and being free to dedicate my energies full-time to Samba."
     Tridgell comes to OSDL after working in research and engineering roles at
 IBM, VA Software, Linuxcare, Quantum, and is a visiting fellow at Australian
 National University.
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