SAM'S CLUB Introduces Affordable Health Insurance Solution Nationwide

Dec 30, 2005, 00:00 ET from SAM'S CLUB

    BENTONVILLE, Ark., Dec. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the National
 Federation of Independent Business the high cost of health insurance continues
 to be the #1 issue facing business owners.  However, thanks to a number of
 recent legislative changes affordable health care solutions are now available.
     Effective January 4, 2006, SAM'S CLUB and Extend Benefits Group LLC will
 join forces to offer a new and innovative health insurance program for
 businesses.  The ExtendChoice(TM) for SAM'S CLUB program leverages new
 employee benefit tax rules and the growing popularity and affordability of
 individual health insurance plans to provide employers and their employees
 with a broad choice of affordable individual health insurance plans from major
 carriers in all 50 states.  Extend Benefits assists each employee in making
 the most effective use of this allowance to pay for an individual plan that
 best fits his needs and budget.
     ExtendChoice(TM) is a defined contribution health care program that allows
 employers to provide their employees tax free dollars to be used to secure
 their own individual health insurance and/or pay for qualified medical
 expenses.  Traditional employer-sponsored group plans can cost $5,000- $10,000
 per worker per year with increasing out-of-pocket costs, deductibles and co-
 pays.  The ExtendChoice(TM) solution allows the employee to pick an individual
 plan that best fits his needs and budget which typically results in
 substantially lower insurance costs.  The employee selects from a wide range
 of plan designs (PPO, HMO and HSAs) with his personal doctors and local
 medical facilities included "in network".
     "We have been searching for an innovative and cost effective way for
 business owners to offer health insurance to their employees," said Mark D.
 Goodman, SAM'S CLUB executive vice president Marketing, Membership and E-
 Commerce.  "By individualizing the health insurance program for each employee,
 ExtendChoice(TM) makes insurance practical and affordable."
     Commenting on the ExtendChoice(TM) program for SAM'S CLUB, Bryce A.
 Williams, President and CEO of Extend Benefits said, "Our joint focus groups
 with SAM'S CLUB resoundingly confirmed the need for a different approach to
 offering benefits.  The vast majority of employers would like to contribute to
 their employees' health care, but the cost and inflexibility of traditional
 group-based plans has made it very difficult.  With ExtendChoice(TM),
 employers will be able to assist their employees with their individual health
 care costs while controlling their monthly expense in doing so.  An individual
 health insurance plan is permanent, portable and owned by the employee,
 independent of their job status."
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     About Extend Benefits Group LLC
     Extend Benefits Group LLC ( ) is the leader
 in powering defined contribution health care plans for American corporations
 and small businesses.  Majority owned by Revolution Health Group LLC
 ( ) and based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company
 was founded by leading health care and benefits professionals who share the
 vision of enabling Americans to own and manage their own health care plan
 independent of their employment status.