Sandell Seeks a Concrete Plan and Immediate Action at Plains Exploration Post-Closing of the Pogo Acquisition

Oct 19, 2007, 01:00 ET from Sandell Asset Management Corp.

    NEW YORK, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Sandell Asset Management Corp.
 ("Sandell") today sent a letter to Mr. James Flores, Chairman, President,
 and CEO of Plains Exploration and Production Company ("Plains," "PXP" or
 the "Company") (NYSE:   PXP). Sandell also disclosed beneficial ownership of
 5.1% of shares of Plains' common stock in a Schedule 13D filed with the
 Securities and Exchange Commission today. In the letter to Mr. Flores,
 Sandell stated that while it is inclined to support the Pogo transaction,
 it is concerned by Plains' management's inability to provide a strategic
 plan for the combined company post-closing. The letter further states that
 Sandell insists the Company provide such a plan and take the following
 actions immediately after the close of the transaction:
     -- Asset sales -- PXP should immediately prepare for a large asset
        divestiture in the 4th quarter of 2007 with all sale proceeds dedicated
        to share repurchases.  Further, the Company should continue to
        opportunistically monetize Gulf of Mexico reserves and non-core assets
        consistent with management's prior commitments.
     -- MLP creation -- Prior to the announcement of the Pogo deal, PXP was
        reviewing the formation of an MLP for virtually all of the reserves in
        California and the Piceance basin.  In PXP's recent press release dated
        10/9/07, the language on MLP formation remained vague, doing little to
        inform PXP investors.  Investors need a definitive plan and timetable
        for MLP creation and drop-downs by which management can be held
     -- Stock repurchases -- Historically, PXP has been an aggressive purchaser
        of its own shares.  Sandell is concerned that potential complications
        related to the Pogo transaction, asset sale delays or an unwillingness
        to repurchase shares may contribute to further share price
        underperformance. Aggressive share repurchases must be a key part of
        the value realization plan going forward.
     "Plains is an excellent company and has historically created a lot of
 value for investors. We believe the recent underperformance is related to
 confusion in the market regarding the plan for the combined Company post-
 closing including the timetable for asset sales and an MLP," said Thomas E.
 Sandell, Chief Executive Officer of Sandell Asset Management Corp. "We
 believe that management has an opportunity to create significant value for
 investors of up to $90 per share, but that this value can only be
 accomplished through aggressive execution of the actions we have
     For further information, contact:
     Mr. Thomas E. Sandell
     Sandell Asset Management Corp.
     (212) 603-5700
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