Sandell Seeks Value Maximization at Sybase

Oct 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from Sandell Asset Management Corp.

    NEW YORK, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Sandell Asset Management Corp.
 ("Sandell") sent a letter and a presentation today to Mr. John Chen,
 Chairman, President, and CEO of Sybase, Inc. ("Sybase" or the "Company")
 (NYSE:   SY). Sandell also disclosed beneficial ownership of 6.0% of the
 shares of Sybase's common stock in a Schedule 13D filed with the Securities
 and Exchange Commission today. In the letter and presentation, Sandell
 stated its belief that Sybase's continued discounted valuation is
 unwarranted and urged management and the board to take immediate action to
 improve the Company's valuation. Specifically, Sandell outlined several low
 risk actions that it believes the board can take to improve the Company's
     -- Aggressive use of the balance sheet to repurchase shares -- an
        immediate $500mm Dutch tender at a premium to the current market price,
        followed by aggressive buybacks over time
     -- IPO and spin-off 100% of the mobility segment -- an IPO of Sybase's
        mobility segment followed by a spin-off of the remaining interest to
        existing shareholders
     -- Sale of the company in whole or in part -- an evaluation of the
        company's strategic alternatives may indicate a sale is the most viable
     "Sybase has excellent products, strong market positions and significant
 cash flow, but trades at a significant discount to its software peers on
 virtually all valuation metrics. The board has a fiduciary duty to consider
 all options to maximize the value of these assets, and we challenge
 management and the board to present a plan to enhance value with low levels
 of risk. We are concerned that the company will use capital for risky and
 unnecessary acquisitions while there are several low-risk opportunities
 within the company to significantly improve value. We believe these actions
 could result in share price improvement up to $39 over time," said Thomas
 E. Sandell, Chief Executive Officer of Sandell Asset Management Corp. "We
 hope to continue to engage constructively with Sybase's management and
 board to improve the value for all shareholders. However, if management and
 the board prove unwilling to take any meaningful action, we would consider
 changes at the board level to be warranted."
      For further information, contact:
      Mr. Thomas E. Sandell, Chief Executive Officer
      Sandell Asset Management Corp.
      (212) 603-5700
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