SAND(TM) Launches Healthcare Analytics Application Suite

Showcased at e-Health 2003, System Features Modules for Clinical Research,

Discharge Record Management and Medical Note Management

May 26, 2003, 01:00 ET from SAND Technology

    TORONTO, May 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
 SAND Technology(TM) (Nasdaq:   SNDT) has chosen e-Health 2003, a joint
 conference sponsored by COACH: Canada's Health Informatics Association and the
 Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), as the venue to announce its
 new high-performance Healthcare Analytic Server. The product is designed to
 make the information contained in electronic medical records more easily and
 inexpensively available to the full health care community, including
 researchers and administrators, with minimal need for involvement by IT
     "Better, more accessible patient information makes for better, less
 expensive healthcare," said SAND Executive Vice President Jerry Shattner. "The
 core of this initiative is the SAND(TM) Analytic Server, a technology that has
 been instrumental in building customer database analysis systems for companies
 in the telecommunications and financial services sectors. With the Healthcare
 Analytic Server, we have taken those commercial best practices and adapted
 them to the healthcare market in a way that will make critical information
 more accessible to caregivers, medical researchers and administrators, while
 providing a high level of privacy protection for the patient."
     The SAND(TM) Healthcare Analytic Server includes:
     *  An automated process to manage the extraction and transformation of
        data from medical systems
     *  A specialized data model to translate complex health data into
        information that is meaningful to the different sectors of the
        healthcare organization
     *  A patient privacy protection component based on the 3DES encryption
     *  A SNOMED batch encoder used to integrate semi-structured (freetext)
        medical information, for example medical notes
     *  User-friendly report generation and ad hoc query interfaces
     *  A data segmentation tool for providing precise extracted data samples
        to researchers.
     The system is modular, providing entry capabilities for institutions at
 any stage of operational automation. It can be configured to suit different
 departmental functions:
      The SAND Discharge Record Analytic Server enables analytics on a
      healthcare organization's discharge database. This solution can be
      quickly implemented for organizations  of any size, and delivers a
      360-degree view of discharge information to a variety of departments,
      including administration, professional services, health record managers,
      and researchers.
      The SAND Laboratory Analytic Server combines laboratory data with
      discharge record data. The result can be coupled with disease and/or
      medical procedure data to enable a better understanding of healthcare
      practices or to support health demographic studies.
      The SAND Clinical Analytic Server integrates the Electronic Patient
      Record into the analytic platform. For healthcare organizations that have
      implemented an Electronic Patient Record system, this enables analysis of
      all aspects of a clinical pathway and can be used to monitor and analyze
      clinical practices as well as to track organizational efficiency
     "The SAND(TM) Healthcare Analytic Server was originally developed for the
 Centre de Recherche Clinique at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de
 Sherbrooke (CRC-CHUS) in Quebec, where a full Electronic Patient Record system
 is available with twelve years of information," continued Shattner. "It has
 since been revised to meet the administrative requirements of healthcare and
 research centers at different stages of automation in the other Canadian
 provinces, as well as the HIPAA requirements that apply to applications in the
     "SAND offers us something we have not been able to find until now: a
 powerful, secure platform for exploring patient data that can be maintained
 with minimal help from the IT department," said Fabien de Lorenzi, Associate
 Director of Research, CHUS. "The SAND Healthcare Analytic Server is simple to
 use, so that each researcher can construct and test hypotheses, and it's fast
 -- responses to complex queries are usually returned in seconds -- so that our
 researchers can refine their hypotheses practically as quickly as they can
     About the SAND(TM) Analytic Server
     An optimized platform for high-performance analytic applications, the
 SAND(TM) Analytic Server integrates virtually unlimited volumes of data from a
 variety of sources -- data warehouses, operational systems, and legacy or
 third-party databases -- in a fully-indexed analytical repository that can be
 rapidly deployed and quickly and easily accessed by business users. It boosts
 the performance of existing Business Intelligence architectures while reducing
 the need for involvement of specialist data management staff.
     The SAND Analytic Server is highly scalable to accommodate growth, fast
 and simple to update to accommodate business change, and fully supports 24x365
 operations -- delivering on the promise of analytics @ the speed of
 business(TM) by immediately showing tangible business benefits and high
 overall return on investment.
     About SAND Technology(TM)
     SAND Technology empowers organizations worldwide with a better
 understanding of their business through a better understanding of their
 business data. SAND Analytic Server-based solutions include CRM analytics, web
 analytics, and other specialized "Business Intelligence" applications for
 government and security, healthcare, supply chain management, inventory and
 production optimization, financial analysis, and strategic planning. SAND's
 customer intelligence division, ClarityBlue(TM), is a world leader in
 providing large-scale CRM analytics systems integration solutions.
     SAND Technology has offices in the United States, Canada, the United
 Kingdom and Central Europe, and is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol SNDT.
     For more information on SAND Technology visit .
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