Sanmina Completes TL9000 Certification of All North American EMS Manufacturing Operations

Aug 15, 2001, 01:00 ET from Sanmina Corporation

    SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ --
 Sanmina Corporation (Nasdaq:   SANM), a leading electronics contract
 manufacturer, today announced that it has completed TL9000 certification of
 all 22 North American EMS manufacturing operations, by National Quality
 Assurance, USA (NQA, USA). The recommendation for certification was made by
 NQA after an extensive multi-site audit lasting over 30 audit days. Sanmina is
 the first tier one EMS company to complete TL9000 certification of all it's
 North American manufacturing operations. Sanmina now has a combined total of
 38 EMS, PWB, cable and enclosure operations TL9000 certified.
     "TL9000 certification reinforces Sanmina's commitment to quality. The
 management team has worked very hard to make sure that quality is a priority
 and that we have a globally consistent quality system as demonstrated by
 corporate wide certification in the highest of standards by the
 telecommunications industry," said Sudarshan Bahl, Vice President, EMS
 Corporate Quality.  "Sanmina has been committed to its customers for 21 years
 to meet and exceed various international and industry specific quality
 standards and will continue to provided unparalleled focus on customer
 service, reliability, flexibility and value," concluded Bahl.
     "Globalization of the telecommunications industry is one of the forces
 driving the need to apply TL9000, a common set of quality requirements,
 throughout the supply chain.  We believe our corporate commitment to
 engineering, operational and service excellence provides us with a strategic
 advantage as we expand our global footprint to better serve our
 telecommunications customers," said Hari Pillai, Executive Vice President, EMS
     TL9000 certification was established in 1996 by a group of leading
 telecommunication service providers in an effort to create a consistent set of
 global quality standards that would apply to the telecommunications industry.
 The goal of TL9000 is to foster quality system requirements for the design,
 development, production, delivery, installation, and maintenance of
 telecommunications products and services for more than
 10,000 telecommunications suppliers worldwide.  As opposed to ISO9000, a
 quality management system designed to create an international quality
 assurance management standard to cover all industries, TL9000 covers the
 telecommunications industry. Additional requirements for TL9000 certification
 include, but not limited to, concentration on planning, requirements on
 customer satisfaction, quality improvement, customer supplier communication,
 product life-cycle model, comprehensive metrics for performance measures, and
 emphasis on the use of data to drive action.
     About Sanmina
     Founded in 1980, Sanmina Corporation ( provides a
 cost-efficient, design and manufacturing solution to the world's leading
 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the communications, medical,
 industrial instrumentation, and high-end computer sectors.  Sanmina's
 end-to-end solution includes design engineering and product development, new
 product introduction, global materials management, PCB and backplane
 fabrication and assembly, custom memory and DSP modules, enclosure systems,
 cable assembly, complete system integration and test, global order fulfillment
 and distribution, and end-of-life product services.  OEMs benefit from this
 model by dealing with a single-source supply-chain and global supply-base,
 which helps them achieve cost efficiencies in material acquisition as well as
 flexibility to reduce lead times.
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SOURCE Sanmina Corporation