Santana and Arista Records Issue Cease and Desist Letters To Pedro Zamora Foundation Grammy Benefit Party

Feb 18, 2000, 00:00 ET from Carlos Santana

    LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorneys for Carlos Santana and
 Arista Records have issued immediate cease and desist letters to Mr. Brian
 Quintana and The Pedro Zamora Foundation for making use of the name and
 likeness of Carlos Santana, The Milagro Foundation and Arista Records in
 conjunction with their proposed post-Grammy event scheduled at The Skybar at
 Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on February 23, 2000.
     Carlos Santana and Arista Records have never agreed, nor will agree to any
 participation of any kind to the function called "Santana - Grammy Party
 Honoring Carlos Santana - Skybar at Mondrian."
     "Certain documentation has been circulated to the record industry and
 general public that would lead one to believe that Santana, his Milagro
 Foundation and Arista Records have endorsed this event, and, that Carlos would
 be participating," Michael Jensen, spokesperson for Carlos Santana, said.
 "Nothing is farther from the truth.  We do not want Mr. Santana's friends or
 fans to believe that this function is endorsed by him in anyway, pay for a
 ticket or sponsorship, arrive and realize that he is not there.  One would be
 incredibly disappointed to find out that they paid to attend a benefit not
 sanctioned by Santana ... especially when the invitation was made up of
 official Santana artwork and logos."
     Attorneys have requested that The Foundation cancel the function, refund
 the monies received and make public apology for their actions.

SOURCE Carlos Santana