SANYO 'eneloop bike' Honored as CES Best of Innovations 2010 in Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology Category

Waterproof HD Dual Camera VPC-WH1 named as honoree in Digital Imaging Category

Dec 08, 2009, 17:46 ET from SANYO North America Corporation

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), is pleased to announce that two SANYO products have received International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards. The SANYO "Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle", CY-SPA600NA, model of the eneloop bike, a pedal-assist electric hybrid, was honored as Best of Innovations having received the highest overall score in the Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology category. The high-definition waterproof Dual Camera Xacti, VPC-WH1, was selected as an honoree in the Digital Imaging category.


SANYO, as a "Leading Company for Energy and Environment" has created a number of products that are designed with the intent of promoting sustainable technology, based on its brand vision "Think GAIA." The eneloop bike embodies SANYO's strengths, combining both its rechargeable battery and battery systems' technologies with its concept of preserving and promoting a sustainable environment, whether at work or leisure.

The eneloop bike "Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle" model is a part of the SANYO 'eneloop universe,' a series of products that are based on the concept of reusing resources such as "energy" by "looping" it in a sustainable cycle. The concept was first shown as SANYO announced the 'eneloop' rechargeable battery in 2005 and has grown to include a number of award-winning products.

Now in its 33rd year, the CES Innovations Awards gives consumer technology manufacturers and developers an opportunity to have their newest products judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and journalists.

"We are extremely honored to be recognized with such high accolades by the Consumer Electronics Association and the panel of well-respected judges," said Mr. Masami Murata, President of SANYO North America. "As an innovative product, the eneloop bike was designed and engineered to help conserve the earth's resources by allowing consumers to use their own power combined with looping energy from its regenerative capabilities as an alternative means of transportation."

The SANYO eneloop bike is a 26-inch, three-speed regenerative, pedal-assist hybrid electric bicycle. As such, riders can propel the eneloop bike under their own power or can engage the bike's motor and electrical system to pedal in one of three assist modes - standard, power-up or auto - where the front hub-based motor helps the bicycle and rider travel forward.

It employs a unique Torque-sensing Power Management Controller within the regenerative electrical system. The bicycle automatically adjusts to differences in terrain uphill/downhill slopes, applying the perfect amount of assisted power when needed and engaging the regenerative properties of the "energy looping" (ene+loop) eneloop "Loop Charging" system when coasting or braking. As a result, eneloop bike owners can ride further and longer than traditional pedal-assist systems.

Products like the eneloop bike and the Waterproof HD Dual Camera have been chosen as Innovations honorees because they reflect innovative design and engineering in their appeal to consumers. The SANYO eneloop bike provides a unique synergistic experience between the autonomy of cycling and the assistance of technology, creating an enjoyable, one-of-a-kind riding experience. The VPC-WH1, with the highest waterproof rating of IPX8, allows high-definition video and stills to be taken underwater to a depth of 10 feet, providing the preservation of memories in any weather and in any sport.

The eneloop bike and VPC-WH1 will be displayed at the Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center at the 2010 International CES.

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