SANYO Rear View Backup Camera System Features Digitally-Corrected Views for Safer Backups

CCA-BC200 Helps Get Drivers In and Out of Tight Spots with Confidence

Jul 31, 2007, 01:00 ET from SANYO Fisher Company

    CHATSWORTH, Calif., July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Backing up your vehicle is
 often a "hit or miss" situation. And relying on guesswork can lead to
 expensive vehicle damage or even danger to life and limb.
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     SANYO's new CCA-BC200 Rear View Backup Camera System with AirCam(TM)
 technology employs advanced digital processing to deliver accurate,
 natural-looking rear view images. Freed from distorted wide angle images
 and hard-to-interpret "fish-eye" perspectives, drivers can now negotiate
 tight spots and make critical backup maneuvers with safety and confidence.
     The CCA-BC200 digitally creates visual guidelines that appear on your
 car's video monitor screen (monitor not included). These helpful guidelines
 make it easy to align your car while backing into parking spaces or
 parallel parking. Guidelines include vehicle width and distance indicators
 at two, four and eight feet.
     Now available in the U.S.A., the SANYO CCA-BC200 has an MSRP of
     Sanyo's backup camera system offers users a choice of three different
 rear view modes, instantaneously switchable with the press of a
 dashboard-mounted button. The first mode is the Original, unprocessed rear
 view. The second mode is an Enhanced, digitally corrected rear view, which
 features a natural- looking perspective free of typical "fish-eye" or wide
 angle lens distortions. AirCam(TM), the third rear-view mode, features
 exclusive Sanyo technology to provide a virtual rear view from above. This
 unique perspective lets you see, with precision, just how much space is
 available behind your vehicle.
     Once mounted in a vehicle (professional installation required), the
 CCA- BC200 backup camera system allows you to set the camera's viewing
 angle. Whether installed low on a bumper or up high toward the roof, the
 system will be able to provide clear and precise views of the area behind
 your vehicle.
     Digital processing allows you to see a centered image of the area
 behind your vehicle regardless of whether the camera is mounted to the
 left, center, or right side of the vehicle.
     The SANYO CCA-BC200 works with most any vehicle, including family cars,
 SUV's, trucks, commercial and high-profile vehicles, RV's and campers, and
 vehicles with towing capabilities. The system can be used with a car video
 monitor system and connects through an RCA video input. Monitor is not
     Viewing System: Mirror Image (for back up)
     Power Supply: DC12V
     Max. Consumption Ampere: Approx. 300mA
     Imaging Device: Color CCD. 1/4"
     Number of Pixels: Total: 270K pixels; Effective: Approx. 250K
     Viewing Angle: Horizontal: Approx. 135 degree; Vertical: Approx. 105
     Min. Required Illuminance: Approx. 1.6 lux.
     Output Signal: 1 Vp-p (75 ohm NTSC), RCA Type Socket
     Operation Temperature: -4 degrees F ~ +140 degrees F
     Storage Temperature: -22 degrees F ~ +176 degrees F
     Camera Dimensions: W1.1" x H0.9" x D1.0"
     ECU Dimensions: W3.4" x H1.1" x D2.6"
     Camera Weight: Approx. 0.35lbs (including cable)
     ECU Weight: Approx. 0.37lbs
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