SaskTel International Announces Software Sale to TDS Telecom

$2.3-Million Deal Signed to Provide Martens & Magic Software to U.S.


Apr 30, 2003, 01:00 ET from Sasktel

    REGINA, SK, April 30 /PRNewswire/ - Software from SaskTel International
 will soon be operating in several more locations across the United States.
 SaskTel International has signed a $2.3 million (Cdn) contract to sell its
 MARTENS(R) and MAGIC (Modular Application Gateway Interface Connector)
 software products and services to TDS Telecommunications Corporation (TDS
 Telecom). This agreement marks the single largest sale of software for SaskTel
     "This sale to TDS Telecom is the latest in a long line of sales and is
 further testament to the success SaskTel International has enjoyed with its
 software products and services," said Don Ching, SaskTel President and Chief
 Executive Officer. "Since 1986 SaskTel International has generated revenues of
 $464 million and total profits of $115 million, with the software division
 accounting for more than $62 million in revenues and over $20 million in
 profits during that time. All three areas of SaskTel International's business
 - software development and sales, project consulting and investments - have
 enjoyed great success and have enabled the company to post a profit for 11
 consecutive years."
     TDS plans on rolling out the MARTENS and MAGIC software to its operations
 across the United States following a successful pilot project at its Port
 Byron, New York exchange in February 2003. TDS Telecom is a growing national
 company providing high quality telecommunications services to more than 900
 rural and suburban communities. The company has grown from 10 telephone
 companies in Wisconsin to 111 companies in 28 states and currently ranks near
 the top one per cent of all telephone companies in the United States according
 to size.
     "SaskTel International's software products provide many benefits for our
 organization, including the ability to consolidate numerous systems and
 processes into one solution," said Jerry Masters, President of TDS Telecom's
 ILEC operations. "In today's business environment operational efficiencies are
 paramount to long-term success and we believe this solution will strongly
 benefit TDS as we continue to grow."
     MARTENS Suite is a fully integrated software solution that contains all
 the information a telephone company requires to provide service to a customer,
 including addresses, cable and wire connections and connection points,
 features, options and telephone numbers. Using MARTENS, a customer service
 representative can take a request and assign all the necessary elements with a
 single keystroke. In many instances, the system will activate the switch and
 provide instant service. MARTENS also maintains the customer record to easily
 allow for future changes and repair services. This information can be easily
 integrated into other computer applications, including a company's billing
 system. MARTENS not only provisions traditional telephone services, it is
 continually advancing in step with technology and can now provision high speed
 internet (DSL) services.
     MARTENS and its related software products were developed in Saskatchewan
 to help SaskTel better serve its customers at home. The success of this home-
 grown technology has led to the opportunity to market these products and
 services to telecommunications providers in other markets. Today, SaskTel
 International's Operational Support Software is being used by many major
 service providers in North America. For more information on MARTENS, please
 visit SaskTel International's web site at
     SaskTel International provides engineering consulting, project
 management, and software solutions around the world. It is a wholly owned
 subsidiary of SaskTel, the leading full service communications company in
 Saskatchewan, offering complete wireline, wireless, Internet and e-business
 solutions over a state-of-the-art, digital network. The web site for SaskTel
     Headquartered in Madison, Wis., TDS Telecom, along with its subsidiaries
 TDS Metrocom and USLink, services 900,000 access line equivalents. TDS Telecom
 can be accessed through the Internet at TDS Telecom is
 part of the Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. (AMEX:   TDS) family of companies.
 TDS is a diversified telecommunications corporation founded in 1969. Through
 its strategic business units, U.S. Cellular (AMEX:   USM) and TDS Telecom, TDS
 operates primarily by providing wireless and local telephone service. The
 company currently employs approximately 10,300 people and serves 4.8 million
 customers in 35 states.

SOURCE Sasktel