Save the Date! K-Y(R) Brand Declares August 7, 2004 'National Date Night'

Jul 07, 2004, 01:00 ET from K-Y(R) Brand

    SKILLMAN, N.J., July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- When was the last time that you and
 your sweetie went out on a real "date"? Well, according to a recent survey of
 women in committed relationships by the K-Y(R) Brand, it's been awhile! 77% of
 the women surveyed said they wish they could spend more romantic time alone
 with their partner. As busy couples juggle demanding jobs, kids and the
 growing responsibilities of our generation, quality romantic "alone" time is
 in short supply. So in an effort to save the time honored tradition of "date
 night," the K-Y(R) Brand has moved to declare August 7, 2004 National Date
 Night, a night for hectic couples everywhere to turn off the computer and the
 cell phone, leave the kids with the sitter and enjoy an intimate evening
     It's no secret that ever increasing demands on our time -- work, family,
 social -- are sapping Americans of that "loving feeling." Michele Weiner-
 Davis, author of "The Sex Starved Marriage" and a contributor to Newsweek's
 much talked about 2003 cover story "No Sex Please, We're Married," feels that
 simply scheduling time together is a crucial step in maintaining a healthy,
 happy relationship. "My theory is, just do it!" Weiner-Davis says. "Don't wait
 until you are in the mood, or until you have more 'time.' National Date Night
 is about declaring the importance of that time together, about setting aside
 private time to relax and have fun with your partner."
     The K-Y(R) Brand Survey found some other new and interesting facts about
 established couples and their romantic habits. An overwhelming number of women
 found their romantic and intimate life to be very satisfying. 76% of women
 surveyed indicated that they still enjoy sex with their partner as much as
 they did when they met. Still, almost one in four said that they don't
 remember the last time they went on a date with their spouse or partner. Also,
 stress tops the list of factors that interfere with their sex lives, followed
 closely by work and kids.
     In honor of the first ever National Date Night, the K-Y(R) Brand will be
 hosting promotions in several key cities as well as a National Date Night
 "Save the Date" contest to be announced soon. In the meantime, help support
 the K-Y(R) Brand "Save the Date" movement and mark National Date Night  --
 Saturday, August 7, 2004 -- in your calendar.
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     The independent consumer research was completed in mid-June 2004 on behalf
 of K-Y by ICR/International Communications Research.  ICR questioned 517
 American women aged 25-60 who are either married or in a committed
 relationship of at least 3 years.  The survey has a margin of error of plus or
 minus 4.31 percent.