Sazerac Company, Inc. Formally Adopts Stricter Advertising Policies

May 15, 2007, 01:00 ET from Sazerac Company

    NEW ORLEANS, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Sazerac Company announced today
 that it will formally adopt strict advertising and marketing policies on a
 global basis.
     The voluntary standards will restrict Sazerac's marketing to print,
 television and radio outlets where the audience comprises at least 75
 percent legal purchase age adults. Sazerac also commits its advertising
 will -- on an aggregate annual basis -- reach a minimum average 85 percent
 legal purchase age audience.
     Additionally, Sazerac has voluntarily established the following policies:
     -- Not market or advertise at "Spring Break" events nor utilize the term
        "Spring Break" in any marketing materials
     -- Restrict brand images in video games
     -- Not market or sell any products in the "Flavored Malt Beverage"
     -- Not advertise on outdoor locations within 500 feet of playgrounds
     "We believe strongly in the importance of responsibly marketing of our
 brands and have been at these standards for some years now. It is
 appropriate to now more formally adopt these policies," a company
 spokesperson commented.
     "We believe passionately in a robust regulatory environment for our
 industry both from a self-regulation and state-based point of view. The
 21st Amendment, three tier system and resulting regulatory framework has
 served the industry well up to and including today and should continue to
 do so for many years to come."
     Sazerac Company is an independent, privately held, family owned
 producer and importer of spirits and wine brands.

SOURCE Sazerac Company