SDE on the Way to the NASDAQ

SDE Energy has been given 90% of an empty shell company on the NASDAQ

for free. The shell company is transferred free of debts. The company has

140 million shares, and each share is to be traded at a price of $1 USD,

the total value of the company being $140 million USD. The trade mark of

the share is

Apr 24, 2008, 01:00 ET from SDE Ltd

    TEL AVIV, April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- SDE Energy is networked in dozens of
 countries and so far has established 4 subsidiaries with local partners. In
 the near future, it is expected to establish an additional 6 subsidiaries.
 The company has several orders at a total amount of $3 billion USD and has
 signed agreements with senior governmental officials in a few countries
 across the world. Energy experts argue that the issuing of a clean
 technology company may prove a huge success in the US market.
     The Israeli Model
     The first commercial model using the system, has worked successfully
 for 1 year in Jaffa Prot. The system has several advantages that are: high
 efficiency, ability to modulate and the ability to store the energy from
 sea waves.
     The system S.D.E offers is producing renewable and clean energy - the
 perfect alternative solution. The company has developed a power-plant that
 produces electricity from sea-waves. Sea waves have the potential for even
 greater energy production - 4 times more per square meter than wind. Using
 the power of sea waves across the world, the system that S.D.E has
 developed would be able to supply 500 times more than the electricity
 requirements of the whole world's population. the present shortage of
 electricity across the world is very severe and is estimated to cost
 hundreds of billions of dollars.
     Financing a Sea Wave Electricity Project
     The huge advantages as a result of S.D.E.'s methods for producing
 electricity from sea waves have been recognised by many countries and
 currently, they work ceaselessly in applying the sea wave power technology
 in their territories by attaching the franchise for selling electricity to
 the financers in order to achieve funding for the project.
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