SDForum and the Olliance Group Release First Ever Think Tank Report on the Future of Commercial Open Source

70 leading industry executives share insight and knowledge on where commercial

open source will be by 2010

Feb 27, 2006, 00:00 ET from SDForum

    SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- SDForum along with The Olliance
 Group announced today the publication of "The Future of Commercial Open Source
 Think Tank Summary Report." The open source industry's first ever think tank
 event, hosted in January, brought more than 70 key thought leaders together to
 assess the impact of open source on the commercial software industry.  Active
 program participants included more than 15 CEOs of open source companies,
 dozens of technology executives, industry experts and luminaries and end
 users. Attendees of this event were given the mission of describing commercial
 open source software in the year 2010 and the process of reaching that end
     "The Future of Commercial Open Source Think Tank Summary Report" offers
 rich insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry.
 During this six-hour event the level of consensus reached by this very diverse
 group of expert participants was unexpected, said Andrew Aitken, Managing
 Partner at Olliance Group.  Most notably, the participants recognized and
 acknowledged that while open source may come to represent a dominant
 commodity-computing model over the next several years, today it is still
 considered a disruptive force.  Participants also agreed that by 2010:
     -- Service revenue will be a much higher component of today's large ISVs
     -- Open source will not be a business model in and of itself
     -- Open source will not be viewed as a software, but as an efficient means
        to develop and distribute software
     -- Open source standardization and commoditization will bring a shift in
        focus whereby function will become the single most important factor in
        software development
     While there were few overall significant disagreements among participants
 there was strong contention in several key areas, especially in determining
 when changes were coming to the software industry.  Participants agreed that
 changes were occurring and that they would be momentous, but as to when --
 2010 or before or beyond, they could not agree.  And the participants were
 conflicted as to where the resources to drive this community-based development
 would come from -- would developers become free agents, would users become a
 much larger percentage of the community or would large ISVs step in?
     The questions raised by these key industry leaders also helped determine
 several obstacles that need to be addressed if open source is to thrive:
     -- Over funding by the venture community will result in non-differentiated
        and flooded markets
     -- There are not enough developers to participate in all the open source
        communities.  With too many projects and not enough focus on key
        projects -- there is simply not enough talent to mature open source
        fast enough
     -- Fear that businesses will be driven out -- economic recession puts
        pressure on support for non-positive cash flow open source projects
     "For more than 20 years SDForum has been committed to setting the
 technology industry's agenda while continuing to be a driving force in the
 technology community," said Laura Merling, Executive Director of SDForum.
 "The Future of Commercial Open Source, was an event that not only gave SDForum
 an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the technology community, but
 it was a landmark gathering that has provided leaders in the open source
 industry with insight into the future."
     "The Future of Commercial Open Source Think Tank Summary Report" is
 available for download at .  For additional
 information you can also visit
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