Seaboard Farms, State of Oklahoma Reach Settlement Agreement

Dec 05, 2001, 00:00 ET from Seaboard Farms

    GUYMON, Okla., Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- In what is being hailed as a
 landmark agreement, Seaboard Farms and the Oklahoma Attorney General, on
 behalf of several state agencies, have reached a settlement on the operation
 of two hog farms in Western Oklahoma.  The two sites, known as the Dorman and
 Wakefield farms are located in Beaver County, in Western Oklahoma.
     According to Rod Brenneman, president of Seaboard Farms, the agreement
 represents a win for all involved.  "We are pleased with the agreement in that
 it will allow us to continue operation of our Dorman farm and complete
 construction, and begin operation at our Wakefield farm."  Brenneman
 continued, "Under this agreement, enhanced waste treatment systems are
 required at both farms that employ some of the newest technology available in
 the industry today.  Many of the enhancements go far beyond state law
     According to Seaboard Farms' officials, the farms will also implement a
 variety of sophisticated odor control technologies.  "We recognize that our
 industry is changing, and the issue of odor is one of the major concerns for
 our company and our neighbors," stated Don Owens, director of environmental
 operations.  "While there is no solution that fits all operations, on these
 sites we are implementing a variety of techniques that we expect will have a
 positive impact on odor control."
     While the Dorman farm is currently operating, and employs just over one
 hundred people, construction on the Wakefield farm and the hiring of the over
 one hundred people needed to operate the farm, was halted several years ago.
 This agreement will allow for the farm's completion.
     "We at Seaboard Farms have always believed that animal agriculture, the
 environment, and our neighbors can exist in harmony.  This is not a zero-sum
 game, and this agreement represents a win for all interests.  The environment
 will be protected, our neighbor's needs addressed, the area will benefit from
 the positive economic impact of jobs and increased tax base, and Seaboard
 Farms is proud to continue to produce high quality Oklahoma pork," said
     Seaboard Farms owns and operates the newest pork slaughter facility in the
 country, located in Guymon, Oklahoma.  Seaboard Farms employs over 4000
 employees system-wide with over 3000 located in the state of Oklahoma.  The
 company is a leading integrated food producer and processor of fresh pork in
 the United States and a top exporter to Japan and Mexico.  In addition to its
 food safety commitment, the company has been recognized for its aggressive
 research and proactive environmental standards.  For more information on
 Seaboard Farms and PrairieFresh(TM) premium pork, log onto the company website
 at .
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SOURCE Seaboard Farms