Seal Shield to Launch World's First Dishwasher Safe, Antimicrobial Keyboard with Multi-Language Support for International Markets

New Keyboards aimed at reducing cross contaminations including Norovirus

and MRSA

Jul 16, 2008, 01:00 ET from Seal Shield LLC

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Seal Shield LLC has begun
 shipping a new family of fully submersible, 108 key, International
 keyboards with SILVER SEAL Antimicrobial protection to help reduce the risk
 of worldwide cross contaminations, including Norovirus and the "superbug,"
 MRSA. According to the company, the SILVER SEAL(TM) International Keyboard
 is the world's first 108 key, multi-language keyboard to be dishwasher safe
 and embedded with Silver Seal Antimicrobial protection. The SILVER SEAL
 International Keyboard is currently available in English, Spanish, French,
 German, Swiss, Chinese, Hebrew and Arabic. The new keyboard is a 108 key
 version of the company's best selling, SILVER SEAL(TM) Medical Grade
 Keyboard (Patent Pending), which was introduced in the United States
 earlier this year.
     Numerous independent studies have shown that computer keyboards are a
 primary cross contamination risk for hospitals worldwide. According to
 University of Arizona scientist, Dr. Charles Gerba, "the keyboard has some
 10 million germs." Dr. Gerba also states that "the keyboard has about 400
 times more germs than the average toilet seat." A recent study at the
 University of Washington found high levels of fecal coliform, the bacteria
 found in fecal matter, on keyboards at campus computer areas.
     "The new Silver Seal International Keyboards are the best in class,
 infection control keyboards on the market. They look and feel like standard
 keyboards, but are unique in that they are ANTIMICROBIAL and DISHWASHER
 SAFE," states Tom Mullaney, Seal Shield Vice President of International
 Development. "The Silver Seal International Keyboards provide world wide
 healthcare organizations with the same Silver Seal infection control
 technology currently used in hospitals across the United States."
     Unlike many antibacterial products, SILVER SEAL(TM) antimicrobial
 devices utilize all natural, pure silver ions which are embedded in the
 plastic to create a safe and effective, inorganic, antimicrobial solution.
 Silver is a natural antibacterial product and its properties have been
 incorporated into the SILVER SEAL(TM) International Keyboards using state
 of the art, nanotechnology. The combination of SILVER SEAL(TM) plastic and
 SEAL SHIELD(TM) washable technology results in the highest level of cross
 contamination protection available in an input device today.
     SEAL SHIELD infection control solutions are distributed in the UK by
 The Keyboard Company, in Germany by Megabyte Systemhaus GmbH and in the USA
 by Dell, CDW, Corporate Express, Insight and other reseller partners.
     For more information about SEAL SHIELD(TM) infection control products
 and SILVER SEAL(TM) antimicrobial solutions, please visit
     About Seal Shield LLC
     Seal Shield(TM) designs, develops and manufactures medical grade
 washable computer keyboards and mice for the International healthcare
 industry and consumer electronics markets. For further information and
 product specifications please visit

SOURCE Seal Shield LLC