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Napping Cats and Dozing Dogs Invade the Bedroom in Record Numbers

Two Out of Three Prefer to Sleep With The Family Pet

Feb 15, 2005, 00:00 ET from Sealy, Inc.

    ARCHDALE, N.C., Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sealy Snooze Report, in its
 quest to answer all questions surrounding sleep, today finds two out of three
 dog and cat owners (67%) routinely bed down with their furry friends.  For
 years, dogs and cats have worked their way into our hearts, and now they've
 found their way into our beds.
     The bed is a sanctuary, a place for everything soft and comfortable, and
 should represent ultimate relaxation.  Considering what your furry friends may
 have been digging up in the backyard, do you really want to share that space
 with your pet?  Or, do you throw open the covers selflessly and generously
 share a spot on your Sealy Posturepedic?
     Toss'n and turn'n.  Sealy asked men and women who's more disturbing to
 your sleep: pets or partners.  Overall 51% say it's their partner who's the
 disturbance, while 38% feel it's their pet.  May we suggest a king-size
     Gender Gap.  Men apparently need a lot of space from both, pet and
 partners, 14% were unable to decide who is most annoying.  However, women were
 much more decisive, 55% said their partner was far more annoying than their
 pet.  Studies have shown that women have a harder time sleeping than men ...
 wonder whose fault that is????
     Solitary slumbers.  Of all polled pet owners, 33% stood firm that there is
 no room in bed for man's best friend or their feisty felines.  These
 respondents said they NEVER allow their pets in bed with them.
     No matter who you sleep with, dog or cat, or, lack thereof, Sealy wishes
 you continued sweet dreams!
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     About The Sealy Snooze Report
     The Sealy Snooze Report is produced by Sealy, the largest bedding
 manufacturer in the world, in its ongoing effort to address all topics, both
 serious and light, regarding sleep and its role in society.  This poll was
 conducted on-line by MarketTools (  Survey results
 are based on 946 total respondents who were asked a series of questions
 surrounding their sleep habits.  This press release summarizes the results
 compiled from this survey.
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