SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Awards 29 Grants Totaling $227,560

Researchers and Conservation Groups Worldwide Benefit From Non-Profit

Foundation's Second Series of Donations

Nov 08, 2004, 00:00 ET from SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

    ST. LOUIS, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens
 Conservation Fund, a private, non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to
 supporting wildlife preservation, research, education and animal rescue, today
 announced 29 grants totaling more than a quarter of a million dollars.
     Since the charity was launched last year, 122 formal grant applications
 have been submitted, said fund President Virginia M. Busch.  The foundation's
 goals include supporting conservation through habitat protection, species
 research, conservation education and rescue and rehabilitation.  The fund was
 created to allow visitors to the nine Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks, as well
 as members of the general public to supplement the more than $2.5 million
 currently earmarked for conservation by the company.
     "We are delighted by the response to the Fund so far," said Busch.  "It is
 encouraging to see the breadth of work being done by conservation groups and
 researchers worldwide.  We hope that these grants contribute in some small way
 to preserving threatened species or ecosystems."
     The grants:
     Marine Life Research and Conservation
      -- Development and Evaluation of an Alternative "Pinger" Device with
         Potential Environmental and Fishery Advantages: Royal Society for
         Nature Conservation-The Wildlife Trust
      -- Falkland Islands Penguin Census 2005/2006:  Falklands Conservation
      -- Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment Program: University of Miami's
         Rosensteil School of Marine & Atmospheric Science
      -- Citizen Based Sound Monitoring in the Indian River Lagoon:
         Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute
      -- Puget Sound Sixgill Shark Research and Conservation Project: Seattle
      -- Conservation by Design: The Science and Practice of Protecting Inshore
         Delphinids in East Africa: Texas A&M University
      -- Environmental Co-Factors and Fibropapillomatosis in the Green Sea
         Turtle: University of Central Florida
      -- Reducing Marine Turtle Bycatch in the Fisheries of the Eastern Pacific
         Ocean through Improvement in Fishing Gear and Techniques: World
         Wildlife Fund
     Land Animal Research and Conservation
      -- The Present Status of the Black-shanked douc langur in Nui Chua
         National Park & Phuoc Binh Nature Reserve, Vietnam: School of Natural
         & Rural Systems Management
      -- Health and Genetic Diversity of Maned Wolves in Noel Kempff National
         Park, Bolivia: Smithsonian National Zoological Park
      -- Disease Threats to the Endangered African Wild Dog: University of
      -- The Role of Stress in the Health and Population Viability of the
         Endangered Red Panda: Smithsonian Institution
      -- Laikipia Predator Project; Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project:
         Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
     Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
      -- Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation: Conservancy of Southwest Florida
      -- Orangutan Care and Quarantine Center: Orangutan Foundation
      -- Wildlife Rescue and rehabilitation: Busch Wildlife Sanctuary
      -- Patient Care: Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife
      -- Rhino Veterinary Work in Zimbabwe: World Wildlife Fund
      -- Protecting Biodiversity in the Balkans: Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue
     Habitat Protection
      -- Land-Use Practices, Rural Culture & The Ecology of Mackinder's Eagle
         Owls in Kenya: National Museums of Kenya
      -- Shark Conservation Program: WildAid
      -- Jatunpamba Biodiversity Reserve Creation: American Bird Conservancy
      -- Bracken Cave and Nature Preserve Restoration Project: Bat Conservation
      -- Kitomi Forest Snare Removal: Friends of Conservation
     Conservation Education
      -- Forums and Fixes: Buddies of the Animal Regulation Center
      -- Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center:  Wildlife in Need
      -- Peace Corps Partnership Program: Peace Corps
      -- Establishing a Center for Conservation Training, Education, and
         Research in Argentina: Smithsonian's National Zoological Park
      -- The World of the Seahorse: an education poster in seahorses and marine
         conservation, Project Seahorse: Fisheries Centre, University of
         British Columbia
     The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is a registered non-profit
 foundation.  Its mission is to work with purpose and passion on behalf of
 wildlife and habitats worldwide, encouraging sustainable solutions through
 support of species research, animal rescue and rehabilitation and conservation
     Busch Entertainment Corp., the family entertainment subsidiary of
 Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc., operates nine U.S. theme parks:  SeaWorld parks in
 Orlando, Fla., San Diego, Calif. and San Antonio, Texas; Busch Gardens parks
 in Tampa, Fla. and Williamsburg, Va.; Discovery Cove in Orlando; Sesame Place
 in Langhorne, Pa.; Adventure Island in Tampa and Water Country USA in

SOURCE SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund