Security Does Not Have to be Expensive: NCP Introduces New VPN Client

Aug 21, 2006, 01:00 ET from NCP engineering GmbH

    NURNBERG, Germany, August 21 /PRNewswire/ --
     - Universal Communication Software for Windows Operating Systems -
 Secure Data Transfer in any Remote Access Environment
     NCP engineering GmbH introduces the "Seremo" Secure Remote Mobile
 Client for Windows operating systems. With this product desktop PCs or
 laptops used by teleworkers can be equipped with cost-effective VPN client
 software to enable secure access to the corporate network. Data is
 transferred independent of media type over any fixed or wireless network,
 the Internet, and wireless LANs.
     Developed for VPN gateways from different manufacturers the Client
 offers security functions such as IPSec encryption with AES or 3-DES,
 extended user authentication (XAUTH), support of hardware tokens (OTP),
 IPCOMP data compression, and firewall functionalities to define ports and
 IP addresses.
     VPN integration is simple and successful with the integrated
 installation wizard. A graphic, intuitive user interface provides
 information on all connection states. Detailed log information can also be
 viewed via this interface. The configuration wizard enables simple creation
 of parameters for each VPN connection. Domain logon is also every bit as
 convenient and familiar as it is in the local network. Prior to logging
 onto the domain controller the Client sets up a VPN tunnel to the central
 VPN gateway. Thus all the logon data are already encrypted for secure
     The "NCP Seremo Client" supports the operating systems Windows XP,
 Windows 2000 (incl. SP4) and Windows NT (incl. SP6.1, SRP). The single-user
 license costs 69.00 EUR (87 USD / 47 GBP). The product is available via the
 Internet and from NCP resellers. The software is available on the NCP
 website,, as well as from all popular download sites on the
     A 30-day full version for testing is available and can be downloaded at A list of
 compatible VPN gateways is available at
     Screenshot of the Secure CE Client is available at
     ref: 1.992
     About NCP:
     NCP Engineering GmbH, founded in 1986 with headquarters in Nurnberg,
 develops highly secure communication software for companies, government
 agencies, organizations and carriers. NCP focuses on connecting stationary
 and mobile end devices, branch-office and subsidiary networks. The
 Internet, public dial-in networks, local networks, and wireless LANS serve
 as transmission paths. Core competencies lie in the areas of IP routing,
 communication in dial-in networks, central management of remote PCs, as
 well as encryption and VPN technologies. The company offers
 application-neutral and industry-neutral security solutions for any remote
 access environment based on its Secure Communications product line. In
 addition NCP product technology guarantees integration and compatibility
 with products from other manufacturers. NCP solutions are sold, integrated
 and serviced by certified partners.
     Press contact:
     NCP engineering GmbH
     Sabine Baehre
     Dombuhler Str. 2
     D-90449 Nurnberg
     Telephone: +49-911/99-68 - 151
     Fax: +49-911/99-68 - 299

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