Selfhelpworks Introduces Online Program to Help Smokers Kick the Habit

- Seventy Percent Success Rate Attributable to the Convenience, Flexibility

and Privacy Afforded By the Internet -

Nov 13, 2001, 00:00 ET from Selfhelpworks

    SAN DIEGO, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- With the Great American Smokeout right
 around the corner, Selfhelpworks, a developer of programs to help individuals
 break free of addictions, today announced the online availability of Living
 Free(TM), a comprehensive smoking cessation course that utilizes Internet
 based tools and proven cognitive therapy to help participants quit smoking and
 remain free of the addiction permanently.
     "Ninety percent of individuals who engage in compulsive behaviors such as
 smoking don't get the professional or group help they need due to stigma,
 inconvenience, lack of privacy or cost," said Lou Ryan, founder and program
 director of Selfhelpworks.  "By offering this proven program online, we are
 greatly improving chances of success for individuals who need to break an
 unhealthy habit or addiction."
     Living Free is a cognitive-based learning program delivered as a series of
 lectures and assignments via the Internet.  Based on more than 20 years of
 research and practice, the program works to change the way the participants
 think about cigarettes and smoking by training participants to identify the
 subconscious thinking underlying his or her addiction, and then eliminating
     Initial tests of the online version of the Living Free program suggest
 that success rates will be similar to those of Selfhelpworks multi-media and
 live seminar programs, which are generally three to five times more effective
 than traditional methods, such as nicotine patches or hypnosis.  In one test
 at a Fortune 500 company, 71 percent of participants had not relapsed one year
 after completing the program.
     "Our employees attribute their success to the ease and flexibility of the
 Internet as well as the sound principles behind the Living Free program," said
 Judy Webster, corporate wellness director worldwide, Applied Materials.  "Our
 company has always been interested in methods to support employee wellness and
 reduce health care costs to maintain productivity."
     Lifestyle-created chronic disease, such as smoking, costs U.S.
 corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity each year.
 In fact, 85 percent of health care costs are associated with lifestyle related
 conditions, such as smoking, overeating and alcohol dependency.  Corporations
 spend about $350 a year per employee to help eliminate or deal with these
 health issues.
     Selfhelpworks plans to introduce three new online modules within the next
 year, including Living Lean, for diet maintenance, Living Smart, for alcohol
 dependency and Living Easy, for stress related issues.  The company sells the
 proprietary programs through health insurance plans, employee assistance
 programs, and corporate wellness management companies as well as directly to
 Fortune 2500 companies.
     For more information about Selfhelpworks, or to register for one of their
 many programs, please visit: .
     About Selfhelpworks
     Since 1979, has helped over a hundred thousand people
 overcome destructive behaviors.  Their programs are based on a proprietary
 training process that has proven to be three to five time more effective than
 other treatment methods to permanently break addictive and emotional
 dependencies like smoking, alcoholism, eating disorders and abusive behaviors.
     For further information, please contact Alyssa Eggum, Senior Account
 Executive of The Townsend Agency, +1-858-457-4888, x141,, for Selfhelpworks.
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