SENCHA SHOT: The Green Tea Solution to New Year's Hangovers and Health Kicks

All-natural, Unsweetened Green Tea in a Can Boosts Energy and Promotes

Head-To-Toe Health

Dec 21, 2006, 00:00 ET from Ito En

    BROOKLYN, N.Y., Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- With January and February come
 New Year's resolutions, holiday hangovers, minimal daylight hours, and the
 official saddest week of the year (third week of January).
     Meet Sencha Shot, an all-natural, authentic and invigorating punch of
 green tea energy boost that banishes winter doldrums, excess weight,
 cancerous cells and cavities, among other ailments.
     "As other products jump into the 'green tea is good for you' or 'all-
 natural' market, our advice is to read the ingredient list," says Rona
 Tison, VP of Ito En Corporate Relations. Each 6.4 fl oz can of Sencha Shot
 contains 152 mg of the cancer-fighting catechin EGCG. That's 5 times more
 than the average ready-to-drink green tea, according to the USDA. Sencha
 Shot contains simply purified water, green tea, and vitamin C. No extracts,
 no supplements.
     Ito En, the world's largest green tea company, uses an advanced, deep
 brewing method that yields a full-bodied, unique flavor. Artificial flavors
 have distorted American palates, so the taste of Sencha Shot is at first
 surprising, even weird. We suggest trying it twice. By the second can,
 taste buds crave the unsweetened, natural Sencha Shot goodness.
     Unlike some energy drinks, you can sip guilt-free, as Sencha Shot
 contains no calories, sweeteners or artificial energy additives. Besides
 containing 140% of the USDA-recommended amount of Vitamin C, Sencha Shot is
 full of green tea saponins that work against obesity, allergies and
 inflammation. Plus, it has fluoride to strengthen teeth and bones.
     Buddhist monks drink concentrated green tea, like Sencha Shot, before
 beginning hours-long meditations. One Sencha Shot provides 40 mg of
 caffeine -- less than coffee, slightly more than most sodas. The naturally
 occurring amino acid theanine allows for the slow release of caffeine and
 produces a calming, re-aligning effect rather than jittery bursts of
     Sencha Shot's good energy will get you through winter and beyond.
 Japanese live on average 3 years longer than Americans. Experts credit
 their clean, healthy diet, including daily consumption of unsweetened green
     Ito En was founded in Japan in 1966 and opened North American
 operations in 2001 with Teas' Tea, all-natural, unsweetened ready-to-drink
 teas, which received the 'Best Flavor' and 'Best Packaging' awards from the
 2005 World Tea Expo.