September is National College Savings Month!

Futuretrust(R) Helps Save Now for a Stress-Free Tomorrow

Aug 02, 2007, 01:00 ET from Futuretrust

    PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Saving for college may seem
 unnecessary when families are newly pregnant or when children are very
 young, but when it comes to saving for college, time is of the essence.
     To help families prepare for the future, the United States Congress has
 declared the month of September National College Savings Month. Forty
 states will join together to raise public awareness and to promote the idea
 that it is never too early to start saving for your child's education.
     With college costs increasing yearly at a steady 8%, children born
 today will face college tuition costs that are three to four times the
 current average amount. The sooner parents and families start to save, the
 more their money will grow and with Futuretrust(R), the process of saving
 becomes a little easier.
     Developed by Founder and President Rebecca Matthias, the Futuretrust
 college savings program was created for parents by parents and recommends
 that families begin to save for their children's education prior to their
 being born and throughout their lives. The MasterCard(R)-linked college
 savings program helps parents get a head start on college savings with
 rebates that are automatically deposited into a tax-free 529 college
 savings plan of their choice.
     The program is simple. The Futuretrust MasterCard and its merchant
 partners contribute a portion of every purchase into the cardholder's
 tax-free 529 college savings plan. Unlike other programs, Futuretrust can
 be linked to any 529 plan and Futuretrust can help members open a 529 plan
 through partners such as TIAA-CREF(R)and AXA Advisors(R). Unlike other
 programs, Futuretrust has no cap on the amount of rebates that can be
 earned, so there is no limit to the amount members can save. Members earn
 1% back every time they make a purchase with their Futuretrust MasterCard.
 They'll get bigger rebates when they shop at any of the over 1,000 retail
 partners in the Futuretrust Preferred Merchant Network. There is no cost to
 join and no annual fee.
     Gone could be the days of college cost woes and worries. Joining the
 Futuretrust MasterCard program now puts time on their side. And after all,
 time is money.
     For Futuretrust college savings information or to apply, visit or call 1-888-TRUST68. Applications are also
 available at any of the following leading maternity retailers:
 Motherhood(R) Maternity, Mimi Maternity(R), A Pea in the Pod(R), and
 Destination Maternity(R).
     About Futuretrust
     Futuretrust(R) is a MasterCard(R)-linked college savings program that
 enables families and friends to get a 'jump' on saving for college.
 Futuretrust has no membership fee. Rebates are automatically contributed to
 a tax-advantaged 529-college savings plan of the member's choice. Members
 earn a minimum of 1% every time they make a purchase with the Futuretrust
 MasterCard, accepted at millions of locations. Members also earn additional
 college savings when they use the Futuretrust MasterCard at thousands of
 partners in the Futuretrust Preferred Merchant Network consisting of major
 retail chains, catalogs, restaurants and on-line merchants. Members can
 also earn college savings rebates when they buy, sell, finance, or
 refinance a home, as well as use moving services or participate in home
 warranty transactions. Applications are available at over 750 Motherhood(R)
 Maternity, Mimi Maternity(R), A Pea in the Pod(R) and Destination
 Maternity(R) locations, online at or by calling
 1.888.trust68. Futuretrust is a Mothers Work, Inc. brand.
     About 529 Plans
     A 529 College Savings Plan is a state-sponsored, tax-advantaged savings
 plan that can help families and individuals save for higher education
 expenses. These plans offer a number of benefits, including tax-deferred
 growth and federal income tax-free withdrawals when used for qualified
 education expenses. This federal income tax-free treatment of qualified
 withdrawals and other federal tax benefits are now permanent for 529 plans
 through the passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006. Savings can be
 used at most accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. and at many
 colleges abroad. Qualified expenses include tuition, fees, eligible room
 and board, books, supplies and required equipment for attendance at a
 higher education institution. In addition to the federal tax benefit, many
 states offer a state income tax deduction for contributions to their plans
 as well as state income tax-free withdrawals for qualified expenses.

SOURCE Futuretrust