SGI Cluster for Linux Selected to Support Computational Research At the University at Buffalo

SGI 1100 Server Solution Based on the Linux OS Brings Low-Cost,

High-Performance Computing to the Center for Computational Research

Jan 31, 2001, 00:00 ET from SGI

    NEW YORK, LinuxWorld Expo, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- SGI (NYSE:   SGI) today
 announced the installation of a 152-processor Linux(R) operating system
 cluster at the University at Buffalo's award-winning Center for Computational
 Research (CCR). This solution will provide CCR with additional high
 performance computing resources for distributed parallel scientific
 applications served at the center. The Linux cluster from SGI, comprising of
 76 dual Pentium(R) III processor SGI(TM) 1100 servers, will become one of the
 primary compute engines at CCR, which supports 25 university departments.
     The SGI 1100 cluster for Linux, with its easy rack-and-stack capability,
 will significantly increase the facility's computing power and help lower
 costs while continuing to meet the needs of the research community by
 supporting a wide range of applications used by the researchers at the
 university. By integrating the SGI 1100 server into the university's network,
 users will have access to the distributed memory cluster in addition to an
 existing 128-processor, shared-memory SGI(TM) 2800 server. The CCR's research
 applications include tools for computational chemistry, molecular structure
 determination, computational fluid dynamics and computer animation. An example
 is the award-winning molecular structure determination software
 Shake-and-Bake, developed jointly by scientists at CCR and the
 Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, to solve protein crystal
     "We believe that the Linux cluster from SGI is at the forefront of
 cost-effective supercomputing," said Russ Miller, Ph.D., director, CCR. "The
 new system utilizes a thin-profile server design that allows us to maximize
 the computing capacity per square foot of floor space. The new cluster allowed
 us to expand the computational throughput in a cost-effective manner. Within
 days of its installation, the machine has been fully utilized, solving
 important problems in computational chemistry, biology and crystallography."
     The SGI 1100 server is a 1U (1.75 inches high), dual Intel(R) Pentium(R)
 III processor-capable server designed for easy manageability, maintainability
 and serviceability. The server comes in a small-footprint, rack-mount
 configuration for maximum performance in minimal space. The thin design of the
 systems also allows for the easy addition of networking and reliability
 features, as well as quick installation. The 1100 is an ideal platform for a
 broad range of technical and creative applications such as electronic design
 automation, bioinformatics, rendering, digital publishing, Internet
 infrastructure, Web serving and e-commerce.
     "The CCR is at the cutting edge of high-performance computing, and we are
 delighted to be able to augment its existing computing environment with this
 Linux cluster solution," said Jan Silverman, vice president, Advanced Systems
 Marketing, SGI. "The efficiency and power of the cluster is well-suited to
 meet the wide range of computational challenges being addressed by the
 university researchers."
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     About the Center for Computational Research
     The Center for Computational Research is one of the leading academic
 supercomputing sites in the United States. The mission of the center is to
 support research that requires high-performance computing and high-end
 visualization. CCR currently supports more than 70 research groups at the
 University at Buffalo, as well as an extensive array of companies in the
 Western New York area. Information on the CCR is available on the Web at
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