SGI Collaborates With Newly Established National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies Institute to Enhance National Safety

Initiative Enables Disaster Prevention, Preparation, Response and Recovery

Mar 28, 2008, 01:00 ET from SGI

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SGI (Nasdaq:  
 SGIC) has teamed with the National Incident Management Systems and Advanced
 Technologies (NIMSAT) Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
 to develop and deliver technologies that will help prepare the nation for
 emergencies and facilitate response and recovery activities in the event of
 a disaster.
     The company will contribute its expertise in supercomputing, storage
 and visualization technologies to enable NIMSAT to process, analyze and
 synthesize data and computational models for real-time disaster management
     NIMSAT is researching state-of-the-art incident management procedures
 for profound improvements in the nation's technical ability to respond to
 and recover from catastrophic incidents. Additionally, it is developing
 tools that will provide simulations for training and technical support for
 the management of the disaster lifecycle. Elements in this cycle include
 prevention, preparation response and recovery.
     Among its fundamental goals, NIMSAT cites efforts to enhance
 understanding of threats and vulnerabilities to the nation's critical
 infrastructure and to improve the resiliency of private sector supply
 chains which fuel the national economy.
     "SGI's visualization technologies have been and will be instrumental in
 helping us develop research tools for simulations, training and decision
 support systems for strategic, tactical and operational support," said Dr.
 Ramesh Kolluru executive director for NIMSAT. "SGI's supercomputing
 technologies enable us to work with our colleagues in the B.I. Moody
 College of Business at the University of Louisiana to understand the
 implications of hazards to critical supply chains. These supercomputing
 assets help us engage in what-if scenario evaluation, which is very
 important when planning and responding to disasters."
     A key element in the NIMSAT initiative is its relationship with the
 Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) facility, one of the
 world's leading technology resources for industry, government and research.
 More than a year ago, LITE installed a 160-processor SGI(R) Altix(R) 4700
 supercomputer featuring 4.1 terabytes of memory, which enables the facility
 to compute and visualize computationally complex disaster models, data and
 scenarios. In addition to its work with LITE, NIMSAT will have access to
 supercomputing systems at a number of other universities across the country
 via high speed optical networks such as LambdaRail (NLR).
     "Large databases and real-time information feeds from a multitude of
 sources will be the core of such an operational center. The next challenge
 will be to present all these in a way that can support effective response
 and decision making. Technologies for visually fusing disparate data and
 media streams can be applied to address this challenge," said Dr. Eng-Lin
 Goh, chief technology officer and senior vice president of SGI. "By
 leveraging one of the world's largest shared-memory systems at LITE, NIMSAT
 will be able to deliver peta-scale database and geospatial information as
 well as multi-dimensional visualization for real-time data gathering,
 synthesis, analysis and dissemination."
     "The tight integration of visualization, supercomputing and data
 management that we are able to accomplish here at LITE will help in
 enabling NIMSAT in developing tools for disaster management," said Dr.
 Carolina Cruz- Neira, executive director and chief scientist of LITE. "We
 believe this will play an essential role in empowering national, state and
 local incident managers."
     For more information about NIMSAT, visit
     UL Lafayette
     The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the second largest
 university in the state and is the largest of the eight institutions that
 comprise the University of Louisiana System. More than 16,000 students
 attend this public institution, which awards bachelor's, master's and
 doctoral degrees. Curriculums are diverse with offerings from the
 humanities to scientific research. It's a national leader in areas like
 computer science, biology and nursing. UL Lafayette is on the global
 technology stage with its one-of-a-kind Louisiana Immersive Technologies
 Enterprise, which features several visualization environments and is
 supported by some of the most sophisticated supercomputers in the world.
 Its student-athletes -- Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns -- compete in NCAA
 Division I, the highest level of collegiate competition. The campus is
 located in the heart of Acadiana -- a rich Cajun and Creole cultural area
 known for its extraordinary food, music, festivals and quality of life.
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