SGI Completes Fiscal 2007 With Key Customer Wins, Launches New HPC Blade System

Fourth Quarter Sees Company Unveil SGI Altix ICE System as Altix XE and

Storage Solutions Gain Momentum with Customers

Aug 30, 2007, 01:00 ET from SGI

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With a new CEO at
 its helm, SGI (Nasdaq:   SGIC) completed its fiscal year 2007 with the launch
 of a breakthrough blade system purpose-built for high-performance computing
 (HPC), while racking up significant customer wins across SGI's server and
 storage product lines. The company also released financial results for the
 Fiscal Year 2007 today,
     The company's fourth quarter, which ended June 29, was SGI's first
 fiscal quarter under the leadership of Bo Ewald, who was named CEO in
 April. Working with SGI's leadership and global workforce, Ewald has
 focused on positioning SGI for sustainable long-term growth and innovation
 through delivery of uniquely competitive, customer-focused solutions.
     New products and industry alliances
     In June, SGI unveiled SGI(R) Altix(R) ICE 8200, the first in a new line
 of bladed servers designed to close the growing gap between performance and
 user productivity. Built to accommodate large and varied scale-out
 workloads, SGI Altix ICE delivers the advantages of blade computing without
 forcing users to accept compromises in price/performance, power and space
 efficiency, reliability and manageability. Its ultra-dense rack
 architecture delivers up to 40 percent more compute performance per floor
 tile than competing blades. Meanwhile, the Altix ICE system's highly
 efficient design minimizes demands on the data center's space and power,
 helping to relieve the growing burden of housing, powering and cooling
 today's HPC systems.
     Also during the quarter, SGI joined the BioIT Alliance, a group of
 organizations working together to realize the potential of personalized
 medicine. The Alliance unites SGI with other innovators in the
 pharmaceutical, biotech, hardware, and software industries to explore new
 ways to share complex biomedical data and collaborate among
 multi-disciplinary teams to speed the pace of discovery in the life
     Major NASA acquisitions and contracts
     In August, NASA turned to SGI to acquire the world's largest
 shared-memory supercomputer as part of NAS Technology Refresh (NTR), a
 four-phase evaluation and procurement process that eventually will replace
 the Columbia supercomputer system, powered by SGI(R) Altix(R). Installed in
 August at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) facility at the Ames
 Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif., the new system is the first
 supercomputer to operate 2,048 Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 processor cores and
 4TB of memory under a single copy of Linux(R) OS; as such, it is the
 largest Linux single system image (SSI) in the world. NASA also acquired
 two ultra-dense SGI(R) InfiniteStorage 10000 systems totaling 240TB to
 efficiently handle the massive data storage requirements.
     Separately, SGI was again named a prime contract holder for a
 multi-billion dollar U.S. Government IT purchasing program, also
 administered by NASA. Under the seven-year NASA Solutions for
 Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) IV Program, every product SGI sells is
 available to NASA and other U.S. Government agencies at prices published on
 the SEWP IV schedule. The purchasing program represents total procurements
 that could reach as much as $5.6 billion through April of 2014. The program
 involves 37 Competed Prime Contract Holders offering a wide range of IT
 products. SGI is the only Contract Holder to win a Class 4,
 High-Performance Compute Servers, contract.
     Customers embrace new SGI Altix ICE systems
     Just weeks after its June launch, SGI reports brisk sales of its new
 SGI Altix ICE platform. Among the customer wins were:
     -- French oceanographers expect to make waves throughout the world, now
        that IFREMER, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the
        Sea, has a acquired an SGI Altix ICE 8200 blade cluster powered by 256
        Intel Xeon cores and a 16TB SGI(R) InfiniteStorage 4500 system. IFREMER
        chose the SGI solution over competing clusters from IBM, HP, Sun, Dell
        and Bull for several reasons: SGI's ability to deliver excellent
        performance-per-core and on the institute's many scientific codes;
        increased reliability on the SGI Altix ICE system due to a design
        allowing for fewer cables; SGI's deep expertise in HPC; and SGI's
        reliance on industry-standard components, including Intel Xeon
        processors and SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 from Novell. Installed in
        August, the new SGI cluster and storage solution will allow researchers
        to work efficiently with ever-larger data volumes as they run a variety
        of applications, including WaveWatchlll, MARS, OPA, HYCOM, CORIOLIS.
     -- The University of Exeter purchased a 128-core, 16TB SGI Altix ICE 8200
        system to simulate the formation of stars and planets. The Altix ICE
        blade system's pre-installed software allowed Exeter's theoretical
        astrophysics team to get their new system up and running the same day
        it arrived. The university reports that achieving productivity so
        quickly on such a powerful system helped to realize a rapid return on
        investment. In fact, based on the performance of the system since it
        was installed at Exeter in June, researchers expect to reduce the time
        to it takes to complete a detailed simulation of a massive hydrogen
        field from a year to only six weeks.
     -- The Center for Parallel Computing (NACAD) at the Federal University of
        Rio de Janeiro (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro: UFRJ) acquired
        a new SGI Altix ICE system and SGI InfiniteStorage solution to drive
        engineering, scientific, database and data mining applications. UFRJ
        researchers are leveraging the SGI deployment, which will augment
        existing SGI solutions and is expected to be installed in September, to
        solve a wide range of problems: simulating environmental impacts in the
        Amazon, understanding the effect of waves in offshore production
        platform, characterizing reservoirs, clustering analysis, and
        conducting complex OLAP queries. The new SGI Altix ICE system is
        powered by 152 Intel(R) Xeon(R) cores and 304GB of memory. UFRJ also
        upgraded its SGI(R) Altix 450 system to a configuration with 32 Intel
        Itanium 2 processor cores and 64GB of memory. The SGI systems, which
        run SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise Server 10 from Novell(R), are backed by an
        expanded 32TB SGI(R) InfiniteStorage 4050 network attached storage
        solution. UFRJ selected the SGI solutions over offerings from IBM, HP,
        Sun and Bull.
     Growing momentum for Altix XE
     SGI also extended its reach into key vertical markets and geographies
 with solutions built around Intel Xeon processor-based SGI(R) Altix(R) XE
 clusters. In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007, those wins included:
     -- Miller Brothers Retail Ltd., a specialist electrical retailer selling
        more than 15,000 products and accessories, invested in an SGI Altix
        server solution to drive its PostgreSQL as part of a strategic move to
        conduct most of its business over the Internet. A lack of in-house
        expertise in deploying PC clusters prompted Miller Brothers to seek out
        a single system capable of handling its database, while enabling a fast
        and seamless installation to avoid impacting its fast-growing business.
        (In addition to selling electrical products via its own Web site, the
        company operates "white label" sites on behalf of several large
        partners, including Wal-Mart subsidiary Asda, one of the UK's largest
        supermarket chains.) To meet those needs, Miller Brothers purchased an
        SGI Altix 450 mid-range server with eight Intel Itanium 2 processor
        cores. To meet the company's tight timescales, SGI configured and
        shipped the system within 24 hours, and it was fully operational the
        very next day. Miller Brothers reports that its new SGI Altix 450
        system has paid unexpected dividends: the additional power and
        scalability of the Altix platform has allowed the company to add more
        trading partners than it had originally planned, and Miller Brothers is
        generating new business as a result.
     -- Les Taxis Bleus (Blue Taxi), the leading cab company in Paris, is
        moving its Oracle software-based order processing and reservation
        management system to a new SGI Altix XE server and SGI(R)
        InfiniteStorage solution to guarantee fast, reliable service to taxi
        customers 24 hours a day. The company serves as a booking center for
        more than 3,000 independent cab drivers throughout Paris and the Paris
        Region. Transaction processing and radio communications are
        administered via a four-core SGI(R) Altix(R) XE240 server equipped with
        8GB of memory and running Red Hat(R) Enterprise Linux(R) v.4. The
        system taps an Oracle 10g database and 1TB of SGI(R) InfiniteStorage
        220 direct-attached Fibre Channel storage, which neutralizes
        infrastructure bottlenecks that might otherwise impact service delivery
        and customer satisfaction. The entire configuration is repeated in a
        replicated configuration that backs up the primary system. Processing
        some 40,000 calls and transactions a day, Les Taxis Bleus relies on the
        SGI solution to work non-stop, day and night.
     -- Vanguard Animation, to successfully create and complete the computer-
        generated feature film Space Chimps, purchased 10 SGI Altix XE310
        servers with 64GB RAM and four Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors running
        Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 5 and PipelineFX Qube!(TM)  software. In a
        head-to-head server comparison, the SGI Workflow-Ready Solution for
        Render Management employing PipelineFX Qube! and SGI Altix XE310
        servers came out on top in terms of price-performance. Because of their
        use of Renderman and Maya software, the fact that SGI Altix servers all
        run the Linux environment and use Intel processors was critical to the
        studio. The Altix XE310 servers delivered the ultimate performance
        density; they gave Vanguard Animation a 20 to 30 percent improvement in
        rendering speed.
     -- To drive its increasingly difficult quantitative interpretation,
        petrophysics, seismic time processing and depth imaging studies,
        DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) purchased a 640-core, 320GB SGI(R)
        Altix(R) XE 1300 cluster for installation at DUG headquarters in Perth,
        Western Australia. The new SGI cluster increases DUG's overall
        computational performance five-fold, allowing DUG experts to provide
        global energy industry clients with more accurate insights into what
        they can expect to find when drilling miles below the earth's surface.
     -- At the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute for Digital
        Simulation and Advanced Computation, a massive new SGI Altix XE cluster
        will ensure that current and emerging generations of processor-hungry
        applications won't slow down scientists and engineers. The 2,048-core
        SGI Altix XE 1300 cluster, installed in May, will transform the
        familiar submit-and-wait research experience into a vastly more
        interactive and productive one. Outfitted with more than 4TB of memory
        across 256 compute nodes, Minnesota's new Altix XE cluster will drive
        research in physical, biological, medical, mathematical and computing
        sciences, in addition to engineering studies and academic-industry
        collaboration. Minnesota's system also is linked via a high-bandwidth
        InfiniBand connection and runs SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from
        Novell. Minnesota acquired the system by working with SGI and James
        River Technical, Inc.
     -- Dedic, the contact center company from Portugal Telecom Group, acquired
        an SGI Altix XE cluster to drive a payroll system for Dedic's 14,000
        employees. The primary Altix XE solution, comprised of Altix XE210,
        XE240 and XE310 servers, is powered by a total of 56 Intel Xeon cores
        and 72GB of memory. The SGI Altix XE platform was certified by
        Microsiga for its Protheus payroll software system, enabling Dedic to
        take advantage of the Altix XE platform's leading price/performance to
        enable a reliable, high-performance payroll environment. Installed in
        June, the Altix systems run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from
     -- Queensland University of Technology (QUT) selected SGI to provide a new
        HPC infrastructure to enable a new era of scientific and engineering
        research. In a contract won in conjunction with Intel, SGI is providing
        a hybrid SGI supercomputing, cluster and storage solution that is
        tightly integrated and yet flexible enough to serve multiple research
        disciplines. The solution will include a 96-core, 192GB SGI Altix 4700
        shared-memory supercomputer powered by Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2
        processors and a 112-core, 224GB SGI Altix XE1200 cluster powered by
        Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 series processors. The new systems are
        supported by a high-performance 28TB SGI InfiniteStorage solution.
     -- Two facilities at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), the
        State University of Campinas in Sao Paolo, Brazil, invested in SGI
        compute and data management solutions to tackle a range of high-
        performance computing problems.
        -- In an effort to improve downstream processes at Brazilian oil firm
           Petrobras, UNICAMP's School of Chemical Engineering purchased a
           136-core, 272GB SGI Altix XE1300 cluster supported by an 8TB
           network-attached SGI InfiniteStorage 350 solution. The new cluster
           and storage deployment will help solve increasingly complex CFX
           computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. Leading performance
           of the Altix XE platform and Intel Xeon processors prompted UNICAMP
           to select SGI over HP and Dell. The Altix XE cluster runs SUSE Linux
           Enterprise Server 10 from Novell.
        -- A mounting need to provide HPC resources to a growing number of
           simultaneous users led UNICAMP CENAPAD, a National Center for High-
           Performance Computing, to purchase a 176-core SGI Altix 450 compute
           solution and a combination of new and upgraded SGI InfiniteStorage
           systems that added more than 56TB of capacity to its HPC storage and
           data management infrastructure. Selected over competing solutions
           from HP, IBM and Bull, the new SGI deployment will allow CENAPAD to
           support more researchers at one time, while reducing their time to
           discovery. UNICAMP CENAPAD supports users from many different
           research institutes and Universities in Brazil. CENAPAD users will
           rely on the SGI solutions to derive maximum performance from such
           applications as Gaussian, VASP, CPMD and other chemistry and physics
           codes. The Altix 450 system also will run SUSE Enterprise Linux
           Server 10 from Novell.
     -- Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand, acquired an Altix XE
        cluster to drive a range of scientific disciplines. Outfitted with 208
        Intel Xeon processor cores and 416GB of memory, Massey's new Altix XE
        cluster will form part of the New Zealand BESTGRID project, giving the
        new system high national visibility. Three InfiniBand switches enable
        fast communication between nodes. The university selected the SGI
        cluster, built from 13 SGI Altix XE310 nodes and three InfiniBand
        switches, because it delivers best-in-class price/performance and
        density, while InfiniBand provides fast HPC-class interconnect
        capabilities. SGI delivered the cluster to Massey in August.
     -- Central Queensland University deployed an extensive SGI Altix XE and
        SGI InfiniteStorage installation to enable new areas of scientific
        research and data management at the Australian institution. The Quad-
        Core Altix cluster is comprised of multiple SGI Altix XE310
        computational nodes, an SGI Altix XE240 file server and SGI Altix XE210
        administration and head nodes. Delivered in June, the cluster is
        integrated with a 6TB SGI InfiniteStorage 220 solution and SGI Data
        Migration Facility, which will provide the ongoing data management
        capability necessary for multiple researchers to access and manage data
        on demand.
     -- Otago University, one of New Zealand's leading research institutions,
        acquired a turnkey SGI Altix XE1200 Cluster Solution and SGI
        InfiniteStorage 220 solution to equip its physics and chemistry
        departments with a state-of-the-art compute and data management
        platform powered by Intel Xeon quad-core processors. The Quad-Core
        cluster was selected in a competitive evaluation after SGI demonstrated
        the Altix XE performance advantage through extensive benchmark tests.
        Installed in July, the factory-integrated Altix XE and InfiniteStorage
        solution will allow Otago researchers to focus on science, and minimize
        system management.
     More wins for SGI InfiniteStorage, Altix and Professional Services
     Across its product lines, SGI saw significant customer wins, including
 many that leverage the company's award-winning Professional Services
     -- Vodafone McLaren Mercedes turned to SGI, its official supplier for
        computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions, for help in trimming
        seconds off of lap times in next season's MP4-23 car. To drive large
        CFD studies on the new car design using STAR-CCM+ software, Vodafone
        McLaren Mercedes increased the capacity of its CFD platforms with a
        256-core SGI Altix 4700 system with 1TB of memory. A longtime SGI Altix
        customer, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes selected the Altix 4700 based on
        the platform's proven performance and reliability in handling
        sophisticated CFD problems for its Formula 1 cars, each of which
        features more than 11,000 separate components.
     -- Professor Stephen Hawking's UK COSMOS consortium is Europe's leading
        group of investigators studying all aspects of cosmology-from
        simulating the universe fractions of a second after Big Bang, to
        identifying correlations in the distribution of galaxies as we see them
        today. As a user of SGI supercomputing solutions since 1997, the
        consortium has now purchased a 152-core, 456GB SGI Altix 4700 in a deal
        that took less than a month to complete. The consortium includes 28
        investigators at 10 UK institutions, as well as international
     -- The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), a non-profit
        research institute in Phoenix, Ariz., purchased an SGI Altix system to
        more quickly and efficiently analyze data sets in TGen's search for
        cancer cures. Acquired through James River Technical Inc, SGI's
        designated partner for higher education and research, the system was
        installed in late May. TGen selected an SGI Altix 4700 system with
        576GB memory and 48 Intel Itanium 2 cores running Novell SUSE Linux
        Enterprise Server 10. TGen chose SGI Altix for its powerful 64-bit
        global shared memory architecture, which will allow researchers to
        conduct searches across multiple chromosomes without having to break
        the problems into pieces, enabling them to look at the whole instead of
        a sum of the parts. While custom in-house code will be written for
        large data searches, TGen reports SGI Altix improved performance by 10
        to 50 percent when benchmarks were run on BLAST, ClustalW and NAMD
     -- A new 115TB SGI InfiniteStorage virtualized data management solution
        will allow the University of Utah's Scientific Computing and Imaging
        (SCI) Institute to help faculty, students and research staff
        strategically access information essential to their projects-a growing
        challenge in an environment where researchers in multiple disciplines
        work with the same source data, often at the same time. Built on a
        SGI(R) InfiniteStorage NAS 4550 solution, the SCI Institute environment
        relies on SGI InfiniteStorage Data Migration Facility to seamlessly
        move aging or low-priority data off of the 38.4TB of primary high-
        performance Fibre Channel storage to a more economical 40TB of
        secondary Serial-ATA on an InfiniteStorage 4500 RAID array. Eventually,
        the lowest priority data moves to a 40TB StorageTek SL500 tape library.
        As the SCI Institute's needs warrant, the InfiniteStorage NAS platform
        can scale its support for NFS and CIFS users, and for ever-larger data
        storage capacity. James River Technical, Inc., SGI's designated value-
        added reseller for higher education, participated in the sale.
     -- The University of West Florida's School of Science and Engineering in
        Pensacola recently deployed SGI technology to optimize research and
        development in the Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and
        Computer Science Departments. The SGI Altix 450 system is expected to
        accelerate a variety of projects by a factor of 10, and allow
        researchers to run up to 50 times larger data sets than previously
        possible. The primary applications include MatLab, Castep, DMOL, and
        Gaussian for electromagnetics, simulations of nuclear reactions, and
        solid state material design used in battery technologies, energy
        technologies, and fuel cell membranes. Home-grown codes are being
        developed and will be ported to the SGI Altix for infrastructure
        security, such as managing the power grid under unstable conditions
        caused by natural or other disasters. Through SGI's exclusive higher
        education partner, James River Technical, Inc., (JRTI), the UWF
        purchased an SGI Altix 450 system with 32 Intel Itanium 2 Dual Cores
        (64 core total) and 248GB memory, with SUSE Enterprise Linux 10 from
        Novell installed. Purchased in late April, the system was installed in
        late June.
     -- After evaluating systems from different manufacturers, the European
        Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) selected a shared-memory Altix
        system from SGI to drive bioinformatics studies, such as meta-genomics
        data analysis, that are rapidly growing in size and complexity.
        Equipped with 256GB of memory, all of which can be made available to a
        single data mining problem, the 16-core SGI Altix 450 server can be
        upgraded as needed, with more CPUs, more shared memory and such special
        components as highly efficient SGI RASC(TM) (Reconfigurable Application
        Specific Computing) technology. The new system was installed in August
        and runs Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 with SGI(R) ProPack(TM)
        5 software.
     SGI -- Innovation for Results(TM)
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