SGI Sets World Record for Oracle E-Business Suite Performance

In Benchmark Tests, SGI Altix Delivers at Least Twice the Performance of

All Other Tested Systems

Aug 31, 2007, 01:00 ET from SGI

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SGI (Nasdaq:   SGIC)
 today announced verified test results that show SGI(R) Altix(R) to be the
 industry's fastest, most scalable Linux(R) system for real-world,
 multi-tier applications running Oracle Database 10g. In fact, SGI delivered
 the best and only "All Linux" benchmark result with a medium-sized Oracle
 Database 10g.
     Running the Oracle E-Business Suite 11i (11.5.10) Benchmark, also known
 as the Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark (OASB), an SGI(R) Altix(R)
 450 system delivered twice the performance of the previous record holder in
 tests that measure average response times for 2,000 online users. The SGI
 system also delivered record hourly throughput in Oracle's measurement of
 order management and payroll batch business processes.
     "For years, SGI customers have known that SGI Altix systems move data
 faster than any other servers in their class," said Ken Won, director,
 enterprise data management, SGI. "These Oracle benchmark results offer more
 proof that SGI's extensive experience in helping organizations work with
 big data and complex business processes is paying dividends for today's
     Altix performance scales as workload grows
     The Oracle E-Business Suite 11i benchmark test results demonstrate the
 exceptional scalability of the Altix 450 system. In fact, the SGI Altix 450
 actually improves as the number of users grows. At 1,400 users, Altix
 delivers at least 23 percent more throughput than other tested systems. The
 Altix advantage increases to 36 percent with 1,800 users, and reaches 40
 percent with 2,000 users.
     In the online test, Altix 450 retains a consistently low response time,
 despite the addition of hundreds of online users. For instance, as the
 number of users grows from 1,400 to 2,000, the average response time of the
 Altix 450 slows by only 12 percent(1), a 3X advantage over any tested
     "SGI Altix scales where other systems fail, and this is terrific news
 for organizations with complex e-business environments running Oracle
 Database 10g," added Won. "No other system put to these tests provides the
 Altix system's blistering fast response times and high throughput.
 Meanwhile, SGI uniquely delivers the scalability and headroom enterprises
 need to meet their future needs on the same system."
     SGI's tested configuration included:
     -- Database server tier: SGI Altix 450 system driven by 12 Intel(R)
        Itanium(R) 2 dual-core, single-threaded processors and featuring 144GB
        of memory and running Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4
        (Update 4)
     -- Application server tier: Four SGI(R) Altix(R) XE240 servers, each
        powered by two Intel(R) Xeon(R) dual-core processors and 16GB of memory
        and running Oracle Enterprise Linux
     -- Storage tier: SGI(R) InfiniteStorage 4500 system with 1TB of memory
        with a dual RAID controller and eight trays, each outfitted with 16,
        146GB, 15K RPM drives
     The results were independently audited and verified on July 25. For
 complete results and configurations, visit:
     The Oracle E-Business Suite 11i benchmark provides metrics for
 comparing Oracle application performance on different system
 configurations. It uses a mixed workload model to simulate the various
 transactions operating within an enterprise. The online benchmark exercises
 the user interface flows most frequently used by Oracle customers. The
 batch flow tests consist of a high- volume order processing program used to
 process and import orders in batch mode, and a payroll processing program
 used to process employee checks in batch mode.
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     Editor's Note
     (1) All OASB results are available at:
      Lisa Pistacchio
      SGI PR Hotline
      SGI PR Facsimile