SGI Teams With IBM to Help Customers Improve Security and Solve Identity Conflicts

IBM DB2 Entity Analytics Portfolio Now Available on SGI Altix Servers

Jun 30, 2005, 01:00 ET from SGI

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SGI (NYSE:   SGI)
 today announced the availability of the IBM(R) DB2(R) Entity Analytic
 Solutions (EAS) portfolio for the SGI(R) Altix(R) high-performance computing
 platform. The combination of SGI systems and IBM's industry leading analytics
 software comprises a fully integrated identity recognition platform.
     IBM's DB2 EAS portfolio on SGI Altix helps solve identity problems common
 in national security, compliance, fraud detection, customer relationship
 management, insider threat detection, and other applications. The solution is
 designed to bring a new level of accuracy, precision, and fidelity to the
 concept of identity recognition and relationship resolution for government and
 commercial organizations.
     "Government agencies, in particular, must solve identity problems in
 minutes or even seconds and require a highly scalable platform for fast data
 ingest and a database repository that can process billions of records within a
 time-critical window of opportunity," said Anthony Robbins, president, SGI
 Federal. "Current identity recognition and relationship resolution solutions
 aren't enough for identity-based applications that span multiple industries.
 Together, our two companies have delivered a hardware-software solution that
 extends the groundbreaking identity recognition and relationship resolution
 capabilities of IBM's Entity Analytic Solutions to help solve some of the
 biggest problems facing government and business."
     IBM DB2 EAS and IBM DB2 Universal Database are extremely well suited for
 the SGI Altix family of servers, which are based on the Linux(R) operating
 system and 64-bit Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 processors. This combination provides
 a standards-based solution that is crucial for organizations seeking to deploy
 a robust analytics infrastructure.
     SGI hardware combined with IBM analytics promises high performance,
 accurate identity recognition across multiple applications -- from consumer
 privacy, Patriot Act compliance, anti money laundering, and insider threats to
 more effective and targeted marketing and customer loyalty activities. A
 single instance of an identity accurately resolved can help save millions of
 dollars in government fines or protect a corporate brand by averting the
 damage of working with undesirable customers, employee prospects, or suppliers
 -- a capability that can, at times, determine an organization's survival.
     "Our software runs atop a high-performance database engine such as DB2 and
 requires scalable and reliable hardware to meet the stringent requirements of
 our customers," said John Slitz, vice president, IBM Entity Analytics. "The
 Altix architecture provides the scalability and flexibility required to
 deliver very high performance with our EAS solutions. In addition, IBM DB2 UDB
 and SGI Altix can be tuned and optimized for the database and workload
     The SGI Altix family of servers and supercomputers are exceptionally
 scalable Linux systems designed to meet the requirements of high performance
 users who require record speed, unparalleled value, and industry-leading
 64-bit Linux solutions to keep pace with the growing application demands.
     The IBM DB2 Entity Analytics team offers products that enable
 organizations to increase business insight by delivering an accurate view into
 individuals (DB2 Identity Resolution) and relationships (DB2 Relationship
 Resolution) and to anonymously compare this data (DB2 Anonymous Resolution) in
     SGI Altix can grow to 512 processors and 6TB of memory in a single image
 of the Linux operating system, while IBM DB2 Universal Database can leverage
 all available system resources to manage even the most demanding database
 workloads. IBM DB2 EAS is available on SGI Altix immediately. For more
 information visit:
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