Sheraton Atlanta Hotel Selects SonicWALL Content Security Solutions to Increase Employee Productivity

SonicWALL CSM 2100 Enhances Network Security and Productivity with Granular

Control of Employee Internet Use

Aug 03, 2006, 01:00 ET from SonicWALL, Inc.

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SonicWALL, Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   SNWL) today announced that the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel has chosen
 SonicWALL to provide secure content management to increase user
 productivity and improve bandwidth utilization. The hotel is using
 SonicWALL's Content Security Manager (CSM) 2100 technology, delivering
 maximum network protection and localized control over Internet usage for
 Sheraton Atlanta's approximately 100 users.
     Installed and managed by SonicWALL channel partner, IGMAS Technologies,
 the SonicWALL content filtering solution sits behind Sheraton's existing
 firewall, providing an additional layer of security to protect against
 today's most damaging Internet threats. The SonicWALL CSM 2100 has enabled
 the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel to filter inappropriate or unproductive Web
 sites, block .exe attachment files, instant messaging applications and
 streaming media, and enable a new level of visibility into Internet usage
 patterns and number and type of sites blocked.
     "We required the ability to develop and monitor localized policies for
 our needs at the Atlanta location. We were particularly impressed by the
 ease of installation of the CSM 2100 and the interoperability with our
 current firewall solution," said William Hallett, manager of IT at the
 Sheraton Atlanta Hotel. "Although the technology was intended primarily as
 a preventative measure, we've seen immediate improvement in our ability to
 monitor the sites being blocked. In addition, our bandwidth has been
 noticeably optimized which is providing us with faster network speeds. The
 added layer of security gives us peace of mind that our entire network has
 rock-solid protection against security threats."
     The SonicWALL CSM 2100 combines real-time gateway anti-virus and
 anti-spyware, powerful Internet filtering with granular, policy-based
 controls and instant messaging (IM), peer-to-peer (P2P) and multimedia
 controls for dynamic threat management capabilities with precise control
 over Internet usage. An affordable, appliance-based solution, the CSM 2100
 CF integrates seamlessly into virtually any network topology to provide
 powerful, scalable, cost-effective Internet filtering. SonicWALL recently
 extended its content security offerings with the addition of the CSM 3200,
 which combines precise control over Internet usage, comprehensive gateway
 and desktop threat protection in a single, easily managed device for up to
 1,000 concurrent users.
     "As a consultancy focused on hospitality and gaming, we are very aware
 of the unique requirements of these types of businesses. We suggested
 SonicWALL CSM 2100 for Sheraton Atlanta's Internet filtering needs because
 we knew the solution would provide the level of control that the Sheraton
 was looking for without a huge impact on current network infrastructure,"
 said Michael Breindel, president of IGMAS Technologies. "SonicWALL CSM 2100
 is the ideal solution to upgrade security without the need to upgrade the
 entire firewall."
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