Shrek 2, the Record Shattering $439 Million Box Office Smash Premieres on DVD and VHS Friday, November 5

#1 Comedy of All-Time

#1 Animated Picture Ever and

#3 Biggest Film in History

All-New Animated Laugh-Out-Loud Spoof Featuring Favorite Shrek Characters and

Surprising Special Guest Appearance Included on Every VHS and DVD

Beautifully Packaged Four Disc Gift Set Featuring

Exclusive Bonus Disc Debuts Day and Date

Oct 07, 2004, 01:00 ET from DreamWorks Home Entertainment

    GLENDALE, Calif., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The wait is "Ogre" when
 DreamWorks Home Entertainment releases the #1 comedy of all time and biggest
 animated picture ever on DVD and VHS on Friday, November 5.  One of the best
 reviewed and most watched movies of 2004, Shrek 2 earned more than
 $439 million at the box office and secured a spot as the third highest
 grossing film in cinema history.  Making the biggest movie of the year even
 BIGGER, the fun reaches fever pitch with more Shrek than ever before -- taking
 the film's hip humor and non-stop entertainment to an unparalleled home
 viewing experience.  Like its Academy Award(R)-winning* predecessor that
 crushed previous home video records upon its DVD release in 2001, the Shrek 2
 DVD will be loaded with hours of entertainment including an all-new exclusive
 side-splitting surprise ending that takes the clever classic and pop culture
 satire peppered throughout the film to the pinnacle of parody hilarity.
 Created by the Shrek 2 filmmakers and animators, the extensive new animated
 spoof is entitled "Far, Far Away Idol" and features a talent competition with
 riotous singing performances by favorite Shrek characters.  In this
 irreverently funny send-up of one of today's most popular programs, Shrek,
 Fiona, and a delightfully animated Simon Cowell -- complete with a
 medieval-styled black t-shirt and plenty of witty pointers for the fairytale
 crooners -- are put in the judges' seats.  After enjoying the hilarious spoof,
 DVD viewers are able to join in on the judging fun with an interactive
 component that allows them to cast their vote for their favorite performer.
 Giving this comical contest global notoriety, Shrek 2 VHS and DVD owners can
 access a link to the DreamWorks website to find out which characters their
 fellow "arm chair" critics are supporting.  They can then cast their vote
 along with millions to determine the ultimate winner.  The DVD also features
 newly created animated menus, fascinating behind-the-scenes programs,
 specially created TV set top games for kids, and much more.  Shrek 2 VHS will
 be ownably priced at $15.95 and the DVD will be available for $19.95.
 A deluxe 4-disc gift set entitled, Shrek: The Story So Far will also release
 on Friday, November 5.  The perfect gift for the avid Shrek fan, this
 beautifully package set includes:  the original Academy Award-winning Shrek
 and hours of bonus programs; the Shrek 2 DVD fully loaded with all extras;
 Shrek 3-D, featuring a fun-filled Shrek adventure in both dazzling 3-D
 animation and 2-D complete with four pair of 3-D glasses; plus a bonus disc
 featuring never-before-seen programs only available in this remarkable gift
     In addition to becoming the top movie of the year, the most successful
 animated film of all time and the third largest domestic grossing motion
 picture ever, Shrek 2 overtook numerous other box office records including:
 earning $300 million faster than any other film; hitting the $400 million mark
 faster than any other film; biggest opening weekend for an animated film
 ($108 million); best single-day box-office ever ($44.8 million on Saturday,
 May 22); and best second weekend box office.
     The DVD is loaded with hours of entertainment offering something for
 everyone including: an outrageously fun surprise ending; fascinating
 behind-the-scenes programs detailing the ins-and-outs of the animation
 process; new interviews with the all-star talent; specially-created animated
 menus; fun games and printables for the kids; and much more.  The DVD is
 packed with more Shrek for audiences to love!  The following details the DVD:
     Menus: The moment viewers pop in the Shrek 2 DVD, the all-new animated
 menus playfully propel them into the movie's irreverent humor.  Complete with
 hilarious character banter recorded by the original voice talent, the menus
 are designed to entertain, as well as help the viewer navigate through a
 wealth of bonus material.  To go to a desired section of the DVD, viewers
 simply click on the character.  The following details each section:
     Far, Far Away Idol
     The lovely ogress Princess Fiona hosts this section which takes viewers to
 the all-new animated spoof "Far, Far Away Idol," in addition to fun programs
 that complement this exclusive to DVD parody.  Following is a description:
      *  Far, Far Away Idol:  Created by the Shrek 2 filmmakers and animators,
         this interactive segment enables viewers to "cast their vote" for the
         next Far, Far Away Idol -- giving each presentation of the program a
         fresh new twist every time they choose a different character.  Staying
         true to the "spoof" nature of the Shrek franchise, this all-new
         animated piece is an uproarious parody of one of today's most popular
         shows and features Shrek characters battling it out in a hilarious
         singers' showdown.  With a judging panel that includes Shrek, Fiona
         and everyone's favorite sharp-tongued critic Simon Cowell, each
         charming performance is met with some con-structive, some
         de-structive, but always hilarious quip!  This send-up picks up where
         the movie left off and gives the home viewing audience even more of
         the movie they love.
      *  Far, Far Away Idol Printables:  Adding more fun and interactivity to
         Far, Far Away Idol, printable activities are available.  While
         watching the Far, Far Away Idol challenge, viewers can print up their
         own score cards, Far, Far Away Idol posters, signed glossy photos of
         the contestants, and a Far, Far Away Idol press guide that provides
         each competing character's biography and details about the song they
      *  Cast Your Vote: After viewers have selected their favorite Far, Far
         Away Idol in their own home, they are offered the chance to have their
         voice heard around the world!  A link to a DreamWorks website allows
         viewers to join millions of Far, Far Away Idol fanatics in casting a
         vote to determine the ultimate winner in this side-splitting send-up.
         Shrek 2 fans can continuously log on to the site to see who's ahead in
         the race to become the #1 Far, Far Away Idol!
     Special Features
     The very brave and valiant Puss In Boots hosts the SPECIAL FEATURES
 section, introducing viewers to a variety of fun programs including:
      *  Technical Goofs:  An interesting and often hilarious look at technical
         mishaps that occurred during in the production of Shrek 2.
      *  Filmmakers' Commentaries:  Two filmmaker's commentaries give viewers a
         true insider's look at the various aspects of creating Shrek 2.
         Directors Conrad Vernon and Kelly Asbury reveal fascinating secrets
         about the animation process and working on this record-shattering
         smash.  Producer Aron Warner and editor Mike Andrews provide insight
         into the process of producing and editing.
      *  Meet Puss In Boots: A delightful introduction to the story and the new
         breakout character Puss In Boots.  Featuring never-before-seen footage
         of Antonio Banderas, this charming feature reveals just what makes
         this cat pur-r-r-r-r.
      *  Meet the Cast of Shrek 2:  A rousing romp through the land of Far, Far
         Away, providing viewers with a look at returning favorites and new
         members of the Shrek family.
      *  The Tech of Shrek 2:  Once again, DreamWorks' preferred technology
         provider, Hewlett-Packard (HP), made it possible to take computer
         animation to the next level, providing the computing infrastructure
         for the animation studio.  This featurette offers viewers a behind
         the-scenes look at the talent and technology behind the pixels.
      *  The Music of Shrek 2:  A resident of Billboard's Top Soundtrack hit
         list for weeks, Shrek 2's tunes drive the film's action forward with
         refreshing sounds.  This featurette provides a look at the creation of
         the score and soundtrack, which features an eclectic group of artists
         including Counting Crows, Tom Waits, Eels, and Dashboard Confessional
         among others.
      *  Cast and Filmmaker Bios
      *  Production Notes
     Scene Index
     With a swish of her wand, Fairy Godmother takes viewers to the SCENE INDEX
 where they can "magically" go directly to any one of 20 scenes.
     Help Menus
     Highlighting her sweet and caring demeanor, Queen Lillian takes viewers to
 the HELP MENUS where those new to the DVD format can access information about
 navigating the DVD.
     Play Movie
     Never at a loss for words, Donkey invites viewers to PLAY MOVIE (S-h-h-h
 Donkey, no talking during the feature presentation!).
     New From DreamWorks Animation
     Shrek takes viewers to the NEW FROM DREAMWORKS ANIMATION section where
 they can get a sneak peek at the studio's upcoming animated film Madagascar.
     Audio Menus
     Making full use of his deep and sultry voice, seasoned with just a hint of
 ennui, Prince Charming takes viewers to the AUDIO MENU.  The audio options
 include: English 5.1; English 2.0; French 5.1; Spanish 2.0.  Subtitles
 include:  English; French; Spanish.
     His Royal Highness plays host to the SUBTITLES page (English, French and
 Spanish available).
     DWK:  This Way To Play
     The high-pitched spokesman for DWK: THIS WAY TO PLAY, the Gingerbread Man
 (aka Gingy) takes the "wee little" viewers to a section filled with fun music,
 games and creative activities including:
      *  Shrek's Music Room: An area for kids to access programs specific to
         the music of the movie including:
         --  Fiona's Jukebox Scene Index:  Takes kids directly to the scene in
             the movie that plays their favorite song
         --  Fairy Godmother Sing-Along
         --  Counting Crows' "Accidentally In Love" Music Video
      *  Favorite Scenes:  Kids can access their favorite scenes as
         categorized by Gross Out, Shrek & Fiona, Puss In Boots, Donkey and
         Laugh Out Loud.
      *  Set Top Games:  Features an assortment of fun Shrek-themed games and
         activities such as Find Puss In Boots, Save Fiona! and Map of Far, Far
         Away that can be accessed on your television set via the remote
      *  DVD-ROM Activities
         Featuring an assortment of creative activities and printables
         including "Far, Far Away Idol"-themed materials, post cards, puzzles,
         hair ornaments, as well as links to the Shrek 2 and DreamWorks Kids
         web sites.
      *  Far, Far Away Idol:  The hilarious new animated spoof also can be
         accessed in the DreamWorks Kids section
     Just in time for the Holidays, DreamWorks will also release Shrek: The
 Story So Far, a four-disc collection featuring all of the uproarious Shrek
 adventures in one great boxed gift set.  Available Friday, November 5 and
 priced at under $40.00, this collection is a must-own for every Shrek fan.
     Shrek:  The Story So Far includes:
      *  Shrek: This single disc DVD features the original Academy
         Award(R)-winning movie in full frame and fun-filled bonus programs
         that enhance the viewing experience
      *  Shrek 3-D:  After revisiting their favorite Shrek characters, viewers
         can pop in Shrek 3-D and join Shrek, Fiona and Donkey right where they
         left them -- just before they take off for their next great adventure
         in Shrek 2.  Featured in both dazzling 3-D animation and a 2-D version
         on the same disc, Shrek 3-D also includes four pair of 3-D glasses
      *  Shrek 2:  The fully-loaded Shrek 2 DVD featuring the film in full
      *  Shrek Bonus Disc:  Exclusive to gift set owners, a special bonus disc
         featuring never-before-seen programs.  This disc includes:
         --  Puss In Boots Music Video:  If viewers enjoyed this feisty feline
             in the "Far, Far Away Idol" spoof, they love Puss in his very own
             music video singing "These Boots Where Made For Walking."
         --  Learn How to Burp with Shrek and Fiona:  "Better out than in,"
             Shrek always says!  Get some "Gas Management 101" lessons from the
             best belchers in the biz!
         --  Making Of "Far, Far Away Idol" Featurette:  Get the inside scoop
             on the making of this hilarious spoof.
         --  Shrek 2 Around the World:  Dubbed in 31 languages find out how
             this massive task gets accomplished and meet the all-star voice
             talent from different places around the globe.
         --  Learn To Draw Shrek, Donkey and Puss In Boots: Don't just
             doodle...get drawing lessons for real DreamWorks animators.
     Everyone's favorite larger than life hero returns in Shrek 2 and happily
 ever after never seemed so far far away when a trip to meet the in-laws, Queen
 Lillian (Julie Andrews) and King Harold (John Cleese), turns into another
 hilariously twisted adventure for Shrek (Mike Myers) and Fiona (Cameron Diaz).
 With the help of his faithful steed Donkey (Eddie Murphy), Shrek takes on a
 potion-brewing Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders), the pompous Prince
 Charming (Rupert Everett), and the famed ogre-killer, Puss In Boots (Antonio
 Banderas), a ferocious feline foe who's really just a pussycat at heart.
     DreamWorks SKG was formed in October 1994, by its three principal
 partners, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen -- as a single
 company to produce live-action motion pictures; animated feature films and
 television programs; network, syndicated and cable television programming;
 records; books; toys and consumer products.
      Shrek 2
      VHS Price:     $15.95 (M.A.P.) -- Widescreen and Full Screen
      DVD Price:     $19.95 (M.A.P.)
      Street Date:   Friday, November 5, 2004
      Running Time:  92 minutes, 24 seconds
      MPAA Rating:   PG
      Closed Captioned

SOURCE DreamWorks Home Entertainment