Si TV Secures Funding From Investors Including EchoStar and Time Warner

Apr 05, 2004, 01:00 ET from Si TV

    LOS ANGELES, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- In a strong demonstration of support,
 influential industry leaders including EchoStar Communications Corporation
 (Nasdaq:   DISH), Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:   TWX), Syndicated Communications
 Ventures, Columbia Capital, Rho Ventures, DND Capital Partners, Llano Partners
 and company co-founder Barshop Ventures have invested over $60 million in Si
 TV, the English-language Latino-themed network that launched this February in
 over 7 million homes.
     Los Angeles-based Si TV, which targets the burgeoning market of
 18-34 year-old 2nd and 3rd generation U.S. Latinos, features English-language
 Latino programming including the latest in music, comedy, drama and fashion.
 Over 45% of Si TV's programming consists of original shows, such as Urban
 Jungle, The Rub, Latino Laugh Festival, The Drop and Styleyes.  The company
 has completed affiliation agreements with EchoStar, Time Warner Cable, Comcast
 and Cox Communications and has launched with charter advertisers Wal-Mart,
 Sears, General Motors, US Army, Earthlink, Conair, and Sony Music.
     EchoStar's Senior Vice President of Programming Michael Schwimmer
 commented, "EchoStar's investment underscores our commitment to innovative
 programming, and we feel that Si TV meets the needs of the widely underserved
 English-speaking Latino audience.  Their programming has universal appeal and
 we're happy to make it available to millions of homes."
     Rachel Lam, Vice President and Group Managing Director for Time Warner
 Investments said, "Time Warner has been committed to the success of Si TV
 since its early days.  Aiming to extend our support of Si TV, we have now made
 an equity investment in the network, which builds on our existing affiliation
 agreement through Time Warner Cable.  We are excited about the growth
 prospects of this innovative network and have great confidence in Si TV's
 diverse management team and its ability to better serve the Latino
 audience -- an important market for us."
     Si TV Co-founder and Chairman Jeff Valdez stated, "The fact that these
 investors have decided to back Si TV is a confirmation of the interest in
 English-language programming for Latinos and the multicultural audience which
 is quickly becoming the new general market."  He added, "We could not be more
 delighted to have the partnership of such a diverse and prestigious group of
     DND Capital Partners LLC, whose principals Co-Chairmen and Chief Executive
 Officers Philippe Dauman and Tom Dooley both served as Viacom's Deputy
 Chairmen, support Si TV's endeavor.  "We believe the Latino community is the
 fastest growing and yet one of the most underserved segments of the viewing
 audience," said Dauman.  "The best concept we have seen to address this need
 in an exciting and innovative way is Si TV."
     Citigroup Global Markets Inc. acted as sole placement agent for the
     About Si TV
     Si TV is an English-language, Latino network featuring hip and irreverent
 culturally relevant programming targeting the growing young Latino and
 multi-cultural TV audience.  Si TV has forged affiliation agreements with
 Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Grande
 Communications, while EchoStar's DISH Network has added Si TV to its
 "America's Top 120" package.  Si TV has previously distinguished itself with
 the production of original programming including "Latino Laugh Festival,"
 "Funny Is Funny!" and Nickelodeon's highly rated and critically acclaimed
 family comedy "The Brothers Garcia," which made television history as the
 first English-language sitcom with an all-Latino cast and creative team of
 writers, directors and producers.  Founded and chaired by writer/producer Jeff
 Valdez and entrepreneur Bruce Barshop, Si TV was established in 1997 as a
 production company to develop, produce and distribute original
 English-language, Latino entertainment.