Signalife Completes Long-Awaited Cardiac Vest

Jan 08, 2007, 00:00 ET from Signalife, Inc.

    GREENVILLE, S.C., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Signalife, Inc.
 (Amex:   SGN), the revolutionary heart monitoring company, announced today
 that it has completed -- for fabrication and ultimate distribution -- its
 one-of-a-kind cardiac vest that utilizes Signalife's patented signal
 amplification technology to allow for precise ECG monitoring of athletes
 and patients in harsh ambulatory environments.
     The cardiac vest, featured on November 30, 2006 in an NBC Today Show's
 segment ("Modern Medical Miracles"), has been extensively utilized in
 testing in the Champ Car World Series open cockpit racing. During these
 tests, the ECG signals have allowed physicians to evaluate data previously
 unavailable when captured in the very harsh environment of a race car.
     In present cardiac devices, noise and artifact distort ECG recordings
 in an ambulatory setting. In addition, uncomfortable sticky electrodes are
 placed on the patient's torso prior to testing. Skin preparation, which may
 include shaving hair or skin abrading, is often necessary without the
 Signalife vest. The Signalife proprietary vest features dry (e.g.,
 quarter-size, metal) electrodes embedded in a cloth fabric which provide
 better comfort and reduced skin irritation for a large percentage of the
 clients or patients.
     Signalife is aware of no other system that can acquire a similar ECG
 signal in any ambulatory environment with the use the metal electrodes
 compatible with Signalife's cardiac vest.
     With these approvals, Signalife will now proceed to submit the vest for
 accelerated FDA clearance and rapid movement into the marketplace. The
 completion of the cardiac vest coincides with Signalife's business plans to
 "time" its Gold's Gym initiative with the Company's other exercise
 programs. The first Gold's Gym facility is fully built out, complete with
 -- among other things -- the cardiac center and other tools to assist the
 clientele and physicians in screening related to inherent cardiovascular
 health fitness.
     Budimir Drakulic, the Company's Chief Technology Officer, indicated
 that he was "very satisfied with the development of the vest and its
 performance during the Champ Car testing." Dr. Drakulic said: "Given the
 difficulty surrounding the recording of electrocardiographic data during
 car races, Signalife's R&D team -- and particularly Marko Kostic, the
 Company's Champ Car project leader -- deserves praise for the successful
 development of the cardiac vest and accompanying systems.
     The performance of the vest can be witnessed on video within
 Signalife's website,, or by clicking on
     About Signalife
     Signalife, Inc. is a medical device company focused on the detection of
 cardiovascular disease through continuous ECG signal monitoring. The
 company's goal is to become the premier provider of cardiovascular disease
 monitoring products. Signalife uses its patented signal technology to
 design and develop medical devices that simplify and reduce the costs of
 diagnostic testing and patient monitoring in an ambulatory environment.
 Signalife's revolutionary FDA-approved electrocardiograph (ECG) monitoring
 system called Fidelity 100 allows for the recording of a quality ECG signal
 from ambulatory cardiac patients. The Fidelity 100 will address a portion
 of the $400 billion cardiac disease market. Signalife, Inc. is traded on
 the American Stock Exchange under the symbol SGN. The company's website is
 available at:
     Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
     Statements in this release that are not strictly historical are
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 differ materially from expected results. Factors which could cause or
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 complete the development and introduction of new products or services,
 failure to obtain federal or state regulatory approval governing medical
 devices, monitoring and other related services or products, inability to
 obtain physician, patient or insurance acceptance of Signalife's products
 or services, adverse equity market conditions and declines in the value of
 Signalife's common stock, and the unavailability of financing to complete
 management's plans and objectives. These risks are qualified by cautionary
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