Simmons Adds Cohorts(R) to Client Research Databases; Household-Based Market Segmentation Enhances National Consumer Survey Data

Jul 25, 2002, 01:00 ET from Cohorts

    DENVER, July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Strengthening its May 2001 agreement with
 Cohorts(R), Simmons Market Research Bureau will now provide the Cohorts
 household-based market segmentation system in its National Consumer Survey
 (NCS) for all existing and new clients.
     The combination of Cohorts' consumer knowledge with the rich multimedia
 marketing information from Simmons enables clients to identify and understand
 their key consumer segments in greater depth.  This understanding allows users
 to develop relevant positioning, messaging and offers across the entire media
     Cohorts analysis describes customers in terms of demographics, lifestyles,
 and their interactions, including what they buy, how much they spend and
 preferred channels of purchase.
     "Integrating Cohorts with our extensive consumer behavior database gives
 Simmons' clients the ability to better understand key customer segments and to
 leverage this understanding into highly targeted and effective marketing
 campaigns," said Chris Wilson, president of Simmons Market Research Bureau.
     Such marketing programs can be coordinated across media, direct mail and
 Internet-based initiatives, creating branding and sales efforts that get the
 right message to the right household in the right marketing channels.
     "With Cohort segment codes added to their customer databases, marketers
 can create versioned, highly relevant messages and offers for cross-selling
 and up-selling existing customers, as well as reactivating lapsed customers,"
 said Scott Schroeder, chief operating officer of Cohorts.  "We've seen
 increases in response rates from 20 percent to 300 percent as a result of
 versioning efforts."
     About Simmons
     Founded in 1961, Simmons Market Research Bureau is America's leading
 provider of consumer-centric product purchase, demographic, qualitative and
 national media usage information.  Simmons reports include the National
 Consumer Study of over 20,000 Adults 18+ and the National Kids and Teens
 Studies, each based on samples of approximately 3,500 individuals.  Simmons'
 National Hispanic Study of over 10,000 Hispanic Adults 18+ is the most widely
 used Hispanic consumer study of its kind.  Each of these reports provides
 individual and household information on over 7,000 brands and lifestyle
 statements in more than 460 data categories.  Simmons' proprietary
 segmentation systems provide a unique and powerful capability to segment
 consumers by sports avidity, shopping frequency/volume, price preferences,
 entertainment consumption, media usage and a myriad of other descriptors.
     About Cohorts(R)
     Cohorts helps clients get the right message to the right household.  By
 segmenting consumers at the household level, Cohorts improves the
 effectiveness and ROI of data-based marketing initiatives and strategies,
 accomplished through the humanizing of demographic, lifestyle and consumer
 behavior data.  Cohorts enables companies to understand the distinct types of
 consumers they serve, identify multi-channel marketing opportunities, create
 customized communications and marketing programs, and craft actionable market
 research -- making Cohorts a totally integrated marketing tool.
     About the Company
     Experienced in database marketing applications, market research and
 database development, the Cohorts staff works with leading customer-focused
 companies like AT&T Broadband, The Bombay Company, Meredith Corporation,
 Marriott Vacation Club International, Cendant, Cablevision, and
 Current, Inc.  The company specializes in a variety of industries, including
 retail, financial services, insurance, hospitality and telecommunications.
 Cohorts is a registered trademark of Looking Glass, Inc.
     For more information, visit or contact Sandy McCray at
 Cohorts, 1624 Market St., Suite 311, Denver, CO 80202; (303) 893-8600; fax
 (303) 893-8611; or
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