Simply Hired Creates Enhanced 'Job Search 2.0' Experience

Comprehensive System to Search, Sort and Select Jobs Takes Job Search to New


Sep 19, 2005, 01:00 ET from Simply Hired

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., DEMOfall 2005 Conference, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/
 -- Simply Hired (, the world's largest search engine for
 jobs, today launched "Job Search 2.0," a suite of candidate-focused tools and
 vertical search applications to deliver a significantly enhanced and
 integrated job search experience. moved past its beta phase
 with this new offering.
     Job Search 2.0 -- Helping Candidates Find Their Dream Job
     "Choosing a job is one of the most important decisions people face
 repeatedly throughout their lives," said Gautam Godhwani, co-founder and CEO
 of Simply Hired.  "Our mission is to help people find their dream job in the
 simplest, most effective way possible." helps candidates search, sort and select jobs, utilizing
 the latest cutting-edge technologies, including an advanced Ajax-based user
 interface, proprietary technology for crawling the "Deep Web," and unique
 "mashups" with other popular web services.
     SEARCH All the Jobs, From All the Sources
     With job listings spread across 5,000 job boards, thousands of newspapers
 and company websites, candidates typically access only a small percentage of
 job listings through a manual job search process. Using deep web crawling
 technology, Simply Hired aggregates over 4 million jobs from thousands of
 sources into one searchable index. Candidates can visit in
 lieu of manually searching multiple job sites.
     SORT and Track Jobs with Filters, Ratings, Ranked Lists
     A comprehensive search of jobs from the Simply Hired database is coupled
 with a sorting and tracking capability to create a short list of jobs. Simply
 Hired utilizes "deep-filtering" and metadata integration to provide extensive
 drill-down capabilities to candidates once they've conducted their initial
     Filtering capabilities for job listings include:
     -- Job Type (i.e. part-time, full-time, volunteer, contract, internship)
     -- Education or Experience Level
     -- Company Size (employees or revenues)
     -- Ranked Lists (Fortune 500, Working Mother 100, Forbes 100, Minority,
     Users can save jobs as well as rate them using a five-star rating system.
 The system then displays all jobs that have been rated or viewed, and a
 "Suggestions" feature proactively makes recommendations for jobs matching the
 user's interests. Saved jobs can be accessed in a "My Jobs" areas, and job
 searches can be saved as email alerts or RSS feeds, enabling users to track
 their searches continuously and receive fresh jobs as soon as they appear in
 the system.
     SELECT and Apply for Jobs with Research and Referral Tools
     With a short list of jobs, Simply Hired helps users evaluate opportunities
 around key areas including salary data, company characteristics, and other
 attributes utilizing popular mashups such as:
     -- "Who Do I Know?" -- Recognizing that half of all hiring is done via
        referrals, Simply Hired has worked with LinkedIn to provide a one-click
        method for job seekers to discover who they know at any of the hiring
     -- "Research Salary" -- With one click, users can see geography-based
        salary ranges for job listings and related occupations.  Salary data
        comes via
     -- "Company Research" -- Adjacent to each company, a comprehensive company
        profile is available with company details, financials and description.
     -- "Map Jobs" -- Users can select a group of jobs, map them on Google Maps
        along with their home address and measure their commute times.
     -- "Apply Now" -- Once a candidate has decided that a job is of interest,
        an Apply Now feature directly takes them to the application process.
     "Simply Hired is committed to addressing each step of the job search
 process and will continue to provide more and more integrated solutions to
 improve the job search experience," said Godhwani.
     About Demofall 2005
     DEMOfall 2005 is currently taking place at the Hyatt Huntington Beach in
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     About Simply Hired, Inc.
     Simply Hired ( operates the world's largest search
 engine for jobs, indexing over 4 million jobs from thousands of job boards,
 newspapers, classified listings and company websites. Its mission is to help
 people find their next job in the simplest, most effective way possible.
 Simply Hired has raised over $4M in funding to date, and is a privately held
 company headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company also operates
 the popular site Simply Fired (
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