Singles GET PACKING on Travel Channel's New Series Where Love is in the Bag

Reality Dating Series with a Travel Channel Twist Premieres

Friday, October 3 at 10pm ET/PT

Ten Minutes to Snoop, Three Hours to Shop, One Chance at Love

Sep 04, 2003, 01:00 ET from Travel Channel

    SILVER SPRING, Md., Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- A date chosen from the best-
 packed suitcase?  Debuting this Fall, Travel Channel's GET PACKING is a new
 reality dating series that's a zany mix of a free-reign snoop and a fast-paced
 shopping spree, pitting two singles against each other for the opportunity to
 win a vacation with a mystery date.  Premiering Friday, October 3 at 10:00pm,
 GET PACKING will air regularly on Fridays, with back-to-back episodes from 10-
 10:30pm (ET/PT) and 10:30-11pm (ET/PT).
     This is the first dating show where being sent packing is a good thing.
 The adventure begins with two spontaneous single men or women age 21-35
 competing against each other.  For example, two guys each conduct a 10-minute,
 no-holds-barred "snoop," rummaging through the home of a complete stranger
 (the prospective female date) to uncover clues to what she is like -- What
 kind of shoes does she wear?  What books does she like to read?  Is there
 anything hidden underneath her bed?  What colors are in her closet?  What
 perfume is she fond of? -- while guided through the "art of investigation" by
 a GET PACKING coach.  Based solely on what the guys discover about the date
 from snooping, each contestant/coach team is given $1,000 and three hours to
 purchase and pack the perfect suitcase.  The contestants battle to become the
 ultimate packer and win the heart of their mystery girl and an all expense
 paid trip.
     The guys get their first glimpse of the sought-after gal through a one-way
 video feed as she opens each suitcase.  Viewers will see her candid response
 to each item, and watch the guys' and their coaches' equally candid reactions
 to her review.  Does she find the teddy bear sweet, the negligee presumptuous,
 or the shoes her style?  She knows they're watching, but she still hasn't seen
 them.  Based solely on the contents of the bags, she'll decide who gets the
 trip ... and reveal her decision by sporting an outfit from the chosen
     It's reality dating with a Travel Channel twist as the couple heads off to
 a fun-filled vacation destination.  Whether in San Juan or San Francisco,
 camera crews are there as the pair dish about each other, allowing viewers to
 see first hand if the date was first class or no class.
     Hosted by Michelle Beadle, GET PACKING features eight unique coaches with
 lots of personality and their own winning strategy on snooping and shopping:
     *     Fabrizio Brienza:  Nightclub doorman who knows about style and
     *     Janet Jorgulesco:  Fashion entrepreneur with an au courant style
     *     Veronica Milchorena:  Film director who guides contestants to a
           winning performance
     *     Sixto Nolasco:  Stylist, photographer & make-up artist on the
           cutting edge
     *     Patty Rothstein:  Clinical Psychologist who helps get inside the
           mystery date's mind
     *     John Solomon:  Personal trainer who pushes contestants to their
           personal best
     *     Freddy Stebbins:  Colorful comedian who helps contestants pack in
     *     Tracie Wright:  Model/Actress who keeps up to date on the latest
     The combination of GET PACKING's breakneck speed and eccentric cast of
 characters has resulted in hilarious moments:  a female contestant discovering
 thinning hair shampoo in a man's shower; contestants and coaches arguing over
 items to purchase and going separate ways; a male date's ecstatic reaction to
 receiving a Homer Simpson cutout; a female date's displeased response to a
 pair of heels that she unceremoniously pitches off in disgust; and much more.
     GET PACKING is sponsored in part by Discover Financial Services, Inc.
     GET PACKING is produced for Travel Channel by NorthSouth Productions.
 David Gerber is executive producer for Travel Channel.  NorthSouth founders,
 Mark Hickman and Charlie DeBevoise serve as executive producers and have
 produced over three hundred hours of episodic programming on subjects ranging
 from home improvement to sports entertainment.
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 travel entertainment.  Capturing the fascination, freedom and fun of travel,
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