SiteMaestro: A New System and Network Monitoring Tool Released By T3 Software Builders

Nov 29, 2000, 00:00 ET from T3 Software Builders, Inc.

    ROCKVILLE, Md., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- T3 Software Builders, Inc.
 announced today the release of its newest software product -- SiteMaestro --
 which system administrators are hailing as "the first tool developed by system
 administrators for system administrators."
     "SiteMaestro was developed by T3 engineers in response to customer
 requests for an easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective way to monitor their
 computer systems and networks using a web browser," said Lawrence H. Hinden,
 president of T3 Software Builders.  "The feedback from customers has been
 extremely positive."
     "The feature of SiteMaestro that system administrators appreciate most,"
 said Rick Bentley, T3's Chief Technology Officer, "is the alarming.
 SiteMaestro is designed to notify an administrator of any system problem by e-
 mail or a wireless messaging device such as a PDA, pager or cell phone --
 giving the administrator time to try to fix the problem before any damage is
 done or time is lost."  "Compared to other available monitoring tools,"
 Bentley noted, "SiteMaestro is very fast, stable and efficient -- unlike most
 of the shareware that's out there.  It's also less cumbersome and less
 expensive than those supposedly high-end tools whose elaborate features are
 never even used."
     Said Chief Software Architect, Scott Ortel, "The challenge was to provide
 administrators with easy access to their systems through any web browser,
 without the need to change their existing corporate network infrastructure."
     The Systems Operations Manager of a Fortune 10 Communications Company, one
 of the first SiteMaestro customers, explained the great utility of the
 SiteMaestro tool this way: "With ease of configuration and web-based access,
 SiteMaestro has allowed me to provide 24x7 production support for over 300 Sun
 and NT systems with a team of only nine employees.  The simple integration of
 existing homegrown software has allowed me to quickly integrate SiteMaestro
 into our production environment.  SiteMaestro has allowed me to minimize
 personnel costs while enhancing my ability to provide out-of-hours support
 from anywhere in the world ... "
     SiteMaestro Professional agents are available for Sun Solaris, Windows
 NT/2000 and Linux.  Soon to be available is SiteMaestro Enterprise, which will
 provide a central repository of telemetry agent data for trend analysis and
 centralized management capabilities.
     SiteMaestro Demonstration
     Systems administrators can see a demonstration of SiteMaestro at the
 Virginia Technology Expo, November 29 through December 1, 2000, to be held at
 the Capital Expo Center, Booth 1029 and at the Maryland Technology Showcase,
 December 6 and 7, 2000, to be held at the Baltimore Convention Center, Booth
 956.  All administrators and interested parties are encouraged to stop by and
 find out more about this practical and useful approach to system and network
     About T3 Software Builders, Inc.
     T3 is a creative product and consulting services company leading the way
 in this new digital and fully networked economy by providing to its clients a
 high level of performance in the development, management and delivery of line-
 of-business and eBusiness solutions.
     T3 is comprised of three distinct business units.  A Project Solutions
 Group that defines, designs and delivers object-oriented, component-based
 software systems using proven engagement, methodology and technology
 frameworks.  A Product Group that develops and supports the SiteMaestro family
 of products -- a set of network and system monitoring tools.  And a
 Professional Services Group that provides technical consultants both
 internally and for client operational requirements, including system, network
 and database administration.
     T3 is delivering solutions to clients in several key markets, including
 ISP, telecommunications, financial services and government agencies.  Among
 their clients are Verizon, Intelsat, Fannie Mae, T. Rowe Price, UUNet, U.S.
 Census and the D.C. Government.  T3 was founded in 1996 and now employs 60
 people with offices in Rockville and Baltimore, Maryland.  More information
 about T3 can be found at or call T3 at 888-497-6100.
     SiteMaestro is a registered trademark of T3 Software Builders.  All other
 product, service and company names are trademarks or servicemarks of their
 respective owners.

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