SK Telecom and EarthLink Announce Joint Venture to Form National Wireless Provider

Agreement Marks First U.S. Market Entry for SK Telecom, the Leading Wireless

Carrier in Korea

Jan 26, 2005, 00:00 ET from EarthLink

    ATLANTA and SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
 EarthLink, Inc. (Nasdaq:   ELNK), the nation's next generation Internet service
 provider, and SK Telecom (NYSE:   SKM), Korea's leading mobile communications
 company, today announced a definitive agreement to form a joint venture to
 market wireless voice and data services in the U.S.
     The new entity, to be called SK-EarthLink ( ) and
 capitalized with $440 million of partner investments over the next three
 years, will be a non-facilities-based nationwide mobile virtual network
 operator ("MVNO").  SK-EarthLink will combine the competitive advantages of
 its parent companies to deliver, for the first time, an innovative suite of
 wireless services and applications that meet the information, entertainment
 and communications needs of U.S. consumers.
     The joint venture marks SK Telecom's first ever strategic partnership to
 enter the U.S. market to grow its worldwide subscriber base.  SK Telecom is
 one of the world's most advanced wireless carriers, with more than 18 million
 customers and over 50 percent of the mobile services market in South Korea.
 The Seoul-based company offers state of the art wireless voice and data
 offerings including interactive gaming, video streaming and location-based
     EarthLink has more than five million subscribers and has been a leader in
 delivering award-winning Internet services for 10 years.  Most notably,
 EarthLink is the first major ISP to offer a permission-based spam fighting
 feature and other innovative tools that block pop-up ads, spyware and phisher
 sites.  EarthLink was also the first major ISP to become an MVNO, beginning
 with a wireless data service in 2000, and then launching a wireless data/voice
 solution in 2004.
     "This partnership reflects 30 years of combined experience that EarthLink
 and SK Telecom have gained anticipating and delivering innovative Internet
 applications and wireless services," said Garry Betty, EarthLink president and
 chief executive officer.  "SK-EarthLink has the potential to reshape the
 mobile communications market by meeting the growing demand of U.S. consumers
 who are currently underserved by existing voice-oriented wireless operators."
     "SK Telecom is committed to shaping the information and telecommunications
 world of the 21st century. This joint venture is a continuation of SK
 Telecom's commitment to provide the most innovative world-class mobile
 communications technology," said Shin Bae Kim, president and chief executive
 officer of SK Telecom.
     "The wireless and Internet worlds are colliding, and neither will be the
 same again," said EarthLink founder and director Sky Dayton who will serve as
 chief executive officer of the SK-EarthLink joint venture.  "In South Korea,
 kids on the street are using their mobile phones to listen to music, watch TV,
 video conference, locate their friends and access the Internet -- as well as
 make voice calls -- as opposed to the U.S. where the mobile experience is
 primarily about talking on the phone. Americans are living in the past.
 Utilizing emerging 3G networks and harnessing the explosive growth of Wi-Fi,
 SK-EarthLink will take the wireless experience in the U.S. to a new level."
     By combining resources and personnel, SK-EarthLink is well-positioned to
 compete in the rapidly growing wireless voice and data market.
     EarthLink has a leading U.S. Internet brand, a subscriber base that fits
 the target customer group, established sales channels with a presence in over
 18,000 retail stores, existing MVNO partnerships with major wireless
 operators, Wi-Fi experience, network data centers and billing capabilities.
 SK Telecom brings the world's foremost expertise in developing and
 implementing 3G technology and other cutting edge applications, distributing
 handsets currently unavailable in the U.S., marketing wireless applications
 and services, and world-class research and development facilities.
     Under the terms of the agreement, EarthLink and SK Telecom will each have
 a 50 percent ownership stake in SK-EarthLink. EarthLink and SK Telecom will
 each appoint three members to the six member board of directors.
     Subject to customary conditions, the closing under the definitive
 agreement is expected in March 2005.  In the coming months, SK-EarthLink will
 announce details concerning its 2005 timetable for product launches.
     The current business plan for SK-EarthLink provides that the initial joint
 venture capitalization will satisfy future funding requirements until the
 joint venture is generating sufficient free cash flow to fund continuing
 operations.  The business plan also contemplates that the joint venture could
 generate approximately 3.0 million net subscribers and revenues of
 approximately $2.0 billion by 2009.  This business plan reflects EarthLink's
 and SK Telecom's recognition of the opportunities presented by the
 SK-EarthLink joint venture.  However, the business plan is not intended by
 EarthLink as a projection of future results.
     Please refer to the form 8-K EarthLink will be filing with the Securities
 and Exchange Commission for additional information regarding EarthLink's
 investment in SK-EarthLink.
     Conference Call for Analysts and Investors
     Investors in the U.S. and Canada interested in participating in the
 conference call on January 26, 2005 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST)
 may dial 800-706-0730 and reference the EarthLink call. Other international
 investors may dial 706-634-5173 and also reference the EarthLink call.
 EarthLink recommends dialing into the call approximately 10 minutes prior to
 the scheduled start time.  Investors also will have the opportunity to listen
 to a live Webcast of the conference call via the Internet at the following
     A taped replay will be available beginning at 11:30 a.m. EST on
 January 26, 2005 through midnight on February 2, 2005 by dialing 800-642-1687.
 International callers should dial 706-645-9291. The replay confirmation code
 is 3521775.
     The Webcast of this call will be archived on our site
     Press Conference
     Garry Betty, president and chief executive officer of EarthLink; Sky
 Dayton, chief executive officer of SK-EarthLink; and Brian Kim, president of
 SK Telecom International will make a presentation and take questions today at
 noon EST at the St. Regis Hotel, 2 East 55 Street, New York. For dial-in
 access to the meeting call one of the following: (US/Canada) 866-322-0197 or
 (International) 706-679-2313 with passcode 3584505. The call will also be
 available via Webcast.  Go to , click North America and enter
 show number 209917 in the "join a show" box.  For media inquiries on
 January 26, please dial the media hotline at 212-871-4082.
     For more information, please visit .
     About EarthLink
     "EarthLink. We revolve around you(TM)." As the nation's next generation
 Internet service provider, Atlanta-based EarthLink has earned an award-winning
 reputation for outstanding customer service and its suite of online products
 and services. According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2004 Internet Service
 Provider Residential Customer Satisfaction Study(SM), EarthLink is ranked
 highest in customer satisfaction among high-speed and dial up Internet Service
 Providers.  Serving over five million subscribers, EarthLink offers what every
 user should expect from their Internet experience: high-quality connectivity,
 minimal online intrusions, and customizable features. Whether it's dial-up,
 high-speed, Web hosting, wireless voice and data services, or "EarthLink
 Extras" like home networking, security or voice over IP, EarthLink provides
 the tools that best let individuals use and enjoy the Internet on their own
 terms. Learn more about EarthLink by calling (800) EARTHLINK or visiting
 EarthLink's Web site at
     About SK Telecom
     SK Telecom is Korea's leading mobile communications company with more than
 18 million subscribers. SK Telecom successfully commercialized the world's
 first CDMA cellular phone service and launched the world's first synchronized
 commercial IMT-2000 third generation service.  The company is listed on the
 Korean Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, and the London Stock
 Exchange.  To learn more about SK Telecom, please visit .
     Cautionary Information Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
     This press release includes "forward-looking" statements (rather than
 historical facts) that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause
 actual results to differ materially from those described.  Although we believe
 that the expectations expressed in these forward-looking statements are
 reasonable, we cannot promise that our expectations will turn out to be
 correct.  Our actual results could be materially different from and worse than
 our expectations.  We disclaim any obligation to update any forward-looking
 statements contained herein, except as may be required pursuant to applicable
 law. With respect to forward-looking statements in this press release, the
 company seeks the protections afforded by the Private Securities Litigation
 Reform Act of 1995. These risks include, without limitation, (1) that we may
 not be able to successfully implement our broadband strategy which would
 materially and adversely affect our subscriber growth rates and future overall
 revenues; (2) that we may not successfully enhance existing or develop new
 products and services in a cost-effective manner to meet customer demand in
 the rapidly evolving market for Internet and wireless telecommunications
 services;  (3) that our service offerings may fail to be competitive with
 existing and new competitors; (4) that competitive product, price or marketing
 pressures could cause us to lose existing customers to competitors, or may
 cause us to reduce prices for our services; (5) that our commercial and
 alliance arrangements, including marketing arrangements with Sprint and Dell,
 may be terminated or may not be as beneficial to us as management anticipates;
 (6) that declining levels of economic activity, increasing maturity of the
 market for Internet access, or fluctuations in the use of the Internet could
 negatively impact our subscriber growth rates and incremental revenue levels;
 (7) that we may experience other difficulties that limit our growth potential
 or lower future overall revenues; (8) that service interruptions could harm
 our business; (9) that we have historically not been profitable and we may not
 be able to sustain profitability;  (10) that our third party network providers
 may be unwilling or unable to provide Internet and wireless telecommunications
 access; (11) that we may be unable to maintain or increase our customer levels
 if we do not have uninterrupted and reasonably priced access to local and
 long-distance telecommunications systems for delivering dial up and/or
 broadband access, including, specifically, that incumbent local exchange
 carriers and cable companies may not provide last mile broadband access to the
 company on a wholesale basis or on terms or at prices that allow the company
 to grow and be profitable in the broadband market; (12) that we may not be
 able to protect our proprietary technologies or successfully defend
 infringement claims and may be required to enter licensing arrangements on
 unfavorable terms; (13) that government regulations could force us to change
 our business practices; (14) that we do not consummate the EarthLink-SK
 Telecom joint venture transaction, or that if we do consummate the
 transaction, the company does not realize the benefits it is seeking from the
 joint venture as a result of lower than predicted revenues or subscriber
 levels, larger funding requirements or otherwise; and (15) that some other
 unforeseen difficulties may occur.  This list is intended to identify some of
 the principal factors that could cause actual results to differ materially
 from those described in the forward-looking statements included herein.  These
 factors are not intended to represent a complete list of all risks and
 uncertainties inherent in the company's business, and should be read in
 conjunction with the more detailed cautionary statements included in
 EarthLink's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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