Slacker Launches Premium Radio Service

Slacker Premium Radio Enables Ad-Free Personalized Radio With Unlimited

Song Skipping and Track Saving Capabilities

Nov 15, 2007, 00:00 ET from Slacker, Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Slacker, Inc., the world's first
 Personal Radio company, today announced the availability of Slacker Premium
 Radio, which gives customers access to all the features and capabilities of
 the Slacker Basic Radio service, plus the ability to skip an unlimited
 number of songs while playing their favorite Slacker Radio stations.
     For users of the Slacker Software Player and the Slacker Portable
 Player, Premium Radio also offers the power to effortlessly build a music
 library with saved songs that can be played anytime. These saved songs can
 be played individually or as a part of listener created playlists. Saved
 radio songs are tied to users' Premium Radio account and automatically sent
 to their Slacker Portable or Slacker Software libraries, where they can be
 played whenever they want.
     "Slacker Premium Radio is for those who want even more control over
 their radio listening experience," said Dennis Mudd, CEO of Slacker. "We're
 particularly excited by the save song feature in Premium Radio, which lets
 people build a library of their favorite music without having to work at
     Slacker Personal Radio enables listeners to create, edit and share
 their own stations or personalize over 100 professionally programmed
 stations. Slacker customers also have easy access to artist profiles, album
 reviews and cover art within the Slacker Web Player, Software Player and on
 the Slacker Portable Player. Personalization options include rating songs
 or artists, playing more popular vs. more eclectic music and listening to
 newer vs. classic songs.
     Slacker Basic Radio will remain free to use on Slacker Software and
 Slacker Portable Players, while Slacker Premium Radio is available today at
 $7.50 per month with an annual subscription.
     About Slacker Premium Radio
     -- Ad-free personalized music
     -- Unlimited song skipping
     -- Save favorite songs to play whenever you choose or create custom
     -- Log in from any PC or Mac to hear personalized stations in high quality
     -- Available on Slacker Web Player, Software Player and Slacker Portable
     -- Quickly rate favorites or ban songs/artists from any station
     -- Easily share stations with friends
     -- View artist profiles, album reviews, large cover art and visualizations
     -- Embed custom stations in personal blogs or favorite social networking
     In March, Slacker launched the free Basic Radio service and following
 the launch, Slacker signed deals will all the major record labels and
 thousands of independent labels to give Slacker listeners access to a deep
 catalog of music that can be played across Slacker Software and Slacker
 Portable Players.
     Slacker Premium Radio Availability
     Slacker Premium Radio is available now to U.S. customers at for $7.50 per month with an annual subscription.
     About Slacker, Inc.
     Slacker is the world's first Personal Radio company, providing a new
 kind of radio that enables consumers to play highly personalized music
 everywhere. Visit for more information.
     Slacker and are trademarks of Slacker, Inc. All other
 registered or unregistered trademarks are the sole property of their
 respective owners.
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     Anders Steele
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