Socialtext Releases First Commercial Open Source Wiki

Jul 24, 2006, 01:00 ET from Socialtext

    PORTLAND, Ore., July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Socialtext, the first Wiki
 company, releases Socialtext Open at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention
 (OSCON). Available for immediate download, Socialtext Open is the first
 open source wiki with a commercial venture as its primary contributor. Over
 2,000 businesses run Socialtext Wiki products today as a hosted service or
     Based on the same great product, Socialtext Open is released under a
 standard open source license, and contains all of Socialtext's enterprise
 grade code aside from enterprise management and enterprise integration
 tools. Socialtext also announced the availability of its Technical
 Professional Service, a new SOAP API and the Socialtext Open Roadmap for
 the next three months.
     "This release completes Socialtext's transformation into a commercial
 open source business," said Socialtext CEO Ross Mayfield. "Wikis have a
 rich open source tradition that we are proud to be a part of. Socialtext
 Open provides businesses an easy-to-use wiki designed for professional use.
 Freedom included."
     Socialtext's first commercial open source offering was Wikiwyg, an
 AJAX- based WYSIWYG editor. Last month Socialtext announced a partnership
 with Dan Bricklin to distribute and co-develop wikiCalc, the wiki
 spreadsheet, under an open source license. Socialtext has had open source
 heritage throughout the company's history, leveraging and contributing to
 the Kwiki project. For other open source contributions, see
     Socialtext's product line now includes:
     * Socialtext Open -- Socialtext's enterprise strength Wiki under an
 Open Source license
     * Socialtext Personal -- Socialext's free for up to five users and Open
 Source efforts hosted service
     * Socialtext Professional -- hosted service subscription
     * Socialtext Enterprise -- Socialtext's BTF ("Behind the Firewall")
 enterprise-grade appliance
     Technical Professional Service
     For organizations that require technical support, consulting and
 developer services for Socialtext Open, Technical Professional Services are
 available under a service contract for a flat rate of $240 per hour.
     Socialtext Technical Professional Services complement Socialtext
 Professional Service options such as training, adoption consulting and
 management consulting available at variable rates. For further information
 about Socialtext services, contact
     Socialtext Public License
     Drawing from its Perl luminary roots, Socialtext releases all its
 products under a liberal OSI-compliant Mozilla Public 1.1 license.
 Socialtext will make other products on its roadmap available under this
 license as well, opening its codebase to all users on a liberal and ongoing
     Socialtext also announced its new Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
 Application Programming Interface to enable developers to integrate and
 extend Socialtext Open. Documentation is available at
     The Road to Palladium
     Socialtext also shared its Public Roadmap to help guide the developer
 community for the next three months. The roadmap includes a source code
 repository, Debian, Red Hat, SOAP and REST APIs, usability enhancements,
 and additional DBMS management beyond Postgres, starting with MySQL. The
 release at the end of this period, code-named Palladium, will mark the open
 availability of the first enterprise grade, corporate backed, Wiki to
 enthusiasts and commercial users alike. The Public Roadmap is available at
     About Socialtext
     Socialtext is the first wiki company, headquartered in Palo Alto,
 California, enabling enterprises to be more productive with wikis, a
 commons- based knowledge tool. Socialtext makes secure wikis used daily by
 global companies for daily project communication and intranet-like needs.
 Wikis are group-editable websites that are private, linkable and
 searchable. Socialtext offers several deployment options, including hosted
 service, open source, on- premise and appliance-based solutions to suit
 customers' security, integration and configuration needs. 2,000 enterprises
 use Socialtext, including Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, IKEA, Kodak,
 Nokia, and Symantec.
     CONTACT:  Julia French

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