Sojecci Ltee Invests in EnReach Technology, Inc.

Leading International Broadband Investor Chooses Residential Gateway

And Interactive TV Solution Provider

Nov 29, 2000, 00:00 ET from EnReach Technology, Inc.

    LOS ANGELES, THE WESTERN SHOW, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- EnReach Technology,
 Inc., a global leader providing infrastructure software for enabling
 integrated voice, video, and data services on television, announced today an
 investment from Sojecci Ltee, the former majority shareholder of Le Groupe
 Videotron Ltee (Videotron), a leading Canadian cable operator.
     Sojecci's investment in EnReach reflects the importance of total open
 solutions for the efficient delivery of multiple services over a broadband
 network, specifically, enhanced television services to broadband operators
 such as cable companies. Sojecci, a former majority shareholder of Videotron,
 operated one of the most modern and pervasive HFC networks in the world that
 passed 75% of the Quebec households and provided services to more than
 1.6 million cable subscribers.
     "Having a strategic partner such as Sojecci Ltee who has such extensive
 knowledge of the cable industry shows that EnReachTV solutions are on the
 right track in giving TV viewers what they want," said Bo Wu, president and
 CEO of EnReach. "Sojecci Ltee, through its involvement with Videotron, has
 been at the forefront of many current strategic initiatives in the cable
 industry -- being the first to deploy interactive TV services on a significant
 scale, the first to recognize the convergence of video and data services, and
 the first to deploy a broadband multi-services network including local loop
 Voice over IP.
     "We are excited about partnering with Sojecci Ltee and benefiting from
 their extensive experience in interactive television and broadband networks.
 This will allow us to deliver a relevant and focused interactive TV solution
 for the North American and European markets as we have done in 25 million
 households in China and other parts of Asia."
     Building on the open standard digital video and Internet technology,
 EnReach offers end-to-end solutions for the next generation of Interactive TV
 by providing the infrastructure software platform for EnReachTV (TM) services
 such as broadband streaming, Enhanced TV, Internet Channel, Electronic Program
 Guide (EPG), Time-shifting, Web Browsing, and Email, and streaming
 applications. The open delivery platform includes a personal video recorder
 (PVR) that provides fast time to market, turnkey solutions for OEMs, and
 service providers. The PVR has a hard disk to record programs and control live
 TV, and network interfaces to receive interactive content.
     Set-top boxes powered by EnReach TV2(TM) offer a complete turnkey for easy
 internet access and have internet channel features that let TV viewers access
 personalized internet content like click to TV channel. EnReachTV3(TM) enables
 service providers and content providers to deliver personal television
 services, T-commerce, target advertising, and Web-enhanced television on the
 same platform. Providing the broadband streaming and fast internet access on
 Television based  Linux and EnReachTV platform, EnReach TV4(TM) can extend to
 support the Residential Gateway function for multi-services at home.
     "The broadband multi-services deployment at Videotron demonstrated the
 need for a residential gateway that delivers voice, data, and video services
 to the home in a cost-effective configuration -- and we believe that EnReach
 technologies provide the appropriate software platforms to do just that," said
 Carmelo Tillona, the former executive of Videotron responsible for the Voice
 over IP solution and now president of I.U.GO Ventures Inc., the private equity
 investment firm responsible for the broadband investments of Sojecci Ltee.
     "In addition, the openness of the EnReach technologies will accelerate the
 development of new services that exploit the inherent advantages of the
 emerging broadband networks and will clearly establish the television as a
 gateway for accessing a new wave of true added-value consumer-oriented
 services," said Tillona. "The broadband network revolution has been underway
 for a few years, however, the broadband services revolution has just begun. We
 believe EnReach will play a pivotal role in this brave new world."
     About Sojecci Ltee and I.U.GO Ventures Inc.
     Sojecci Ltee is the former majority shareholder of Le Groupe Videotron
 Ltee and the Chagnon family controls it. The Chagnon family has been involved
 in the broadband cable business for over 35 years and recently sold its stake
 in Videotron to Quebecor, a Canadian corporation. One of the new strategic
 initiatives of the Chagnon family will be to participate through private
 equity investments in emerging broadband companies.
     Sojecci Ltee has selected I.U.GO Ventures Inc. to manage its broadband
 private equity investment portfolio. I.U.GO Ventures Inc. is a private equity
 strategic investment firm, specializing in broadband. Most of the I.U.GO
 Ventures partners are former Videotron executives involved in the deployment
 of Videotron's broadband Internet offerings including the consumer portal, the
 broadband access ISP, and the VoIP initiative.
     About EnReach Technology, Inc.
     EnReach is a global leader in providing OEMs, ISPs, telecommunications
 companies and broadband, cable and digital satellite operators with the
 infrastructure software to deliver integrated voice, video, and data solutions
 services on television. EnReach's television-based software provides a
 full-suite of interactive services, such as broadband video streaming,
 interactive television, personal television and Internet communications.
 Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the privately held company has offices in
 Hong Kong, Beijing, China and Toronto, Canada. Additional information
 regarding EnReach Technology is available at
     NOTE:  EnReachTV, EnReachTV2, EnReachTV3, and EnReachTV4 are trademarks of
 EnReach Technology, Inc. All other products or brand names are trademarks or
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