Solicore Awarded Technology Patent

New, Unique Thin-Film Battery Technology Drives Next Generation of

Microelectronic Applications

Nov 15, 2005, 00:00 ET from Solicore, Inc.

    PARIS, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Solicore, Inc. announced today that it has
 been awarded a United States patent for the invention of a battery using a
 polymer matrix electrolyte (PME) separator that provides unique abilities with
 regard to performance, form factor, safety, and application.
     Solicore provides technology solutions for embedded power applications.
 The company's patented, next generation solid state electrolyte has been
 developed to answer the challenge for more power in ever smaller applications
 where a thin form factor, flexibility and safety are important design
 criteria.  Solicore has combined state-of-the-art manufacturing with our
 proprietary technology to produce superior embedded power solutions. The
 company's flagship lithium polymer ion battery, Flexion(TM), will help
 customers realize new applications requiring power in never before seen form
     "This patent further validates the unique technology of our Flexion
 Battery. We have optimized the design of this battery to serve three key
 markets; next generation of powered smart cards, RFID and micro-medical
 devices," said David Corey, CEO of Solicore. "Our Flexion battery provides an
 embedded power solution for a host of micro electronics applications that have
 never before been possible.  Our unique form factor and performance can enable
 all kinds of applications such as powering an Integrated Circuit (IC) inside a
 smart credit card.  Our technology can revolutionize how power is supplied for
 generations to come."
     Credit card manufacturers generally refer to the next generation of credit
 cards as smart cards.  In the highly competitive market for credit cards, card
 issuers are constantly searching for ways to increase the value their cards
 provide customers.  Solicore's technology enables new features and functions
 for these cards enabling card issuers to maintain a competitive advantage.  In
 addition, Flexion is the only solid state battery technology that is
 commercially available on the market today that can withstand the high
 temperature lamination process used in the manufacture of most credit cards.
     The radio frequency ID market, or RFID, continues to create new
 applications for many industries; including time and temperature sensors,
 access, authentication, patient monitoring and more.  Solicore provides a
 reliable, safe, high performing form factor that opens up new applications by
 providing embedded power solutions in a new thin, flexible design.  This will
 allow a host of new applications in semi-active and active RFID tags.
     Advancing technology and scientific breakthroughs have opened whole new
 areas of research in medical devices.  Flexion, Solicore's lithium ion battery
 solution; enables a small, thin, and flexible power source to be embedded into
 a micro medical device.   Having the ability to embed a safe power solution
 into new devices such as a drug delivery patch has opened new doors for new
 applications in treating the human condition.
     With a strong market leadership position and the award of this new
 technology patent; Solicore will continue to extend its leadership in our
 target markets as the premier provider of embedded power solutions.
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     About Solicore, Inc.:
     Solicore develops, manufactures, and markets ultra-thin flexible lithium
 polymer batteries under its Flexion brand that serve the smart card, RFID and
 medical device markets. Our patented solid-state electrolyte has helped create
 an enabling battery technology that now provides portable power solutions for
 battery operated products that were not conceivable until recently. Solicore's
 Flexion lines of primary and secondary lithium polymer batteries are ultra-
 thin, flexible, safe, and environmentally friendly. Flexion batteries operate
 over a wide temperature range and are ideal for high temperature manufacturing
 such as the hot lamination process used in producing most credit cards and
 smart cards. Solicore's headquarters, R&D and manufacturing facilities are
 located in Lakeland, Florida. For more information, visit or
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