SolVision Wins Top Award for Innovation in New Technology

Fast Moire Interferometry(TM) (FMI(TM)) Technology Strengthens SolVision's

Position as Global Leader in Microelectronics Inspection

Nov 08, 2006, 00:00 ET from Solvision Inc.

    BOUCHERVILLE, QC, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ - SolVision Inc., a leading
 provider of automated visual inspection equipment for the semiconductor
 industry, has been selected as the Quebec recipient of the 2006 NRC-IRAP
 Regional Award for New Technology based on the company's Fast Moire
 Interferometry(TM) (FMI(TM)) technology.
     The award, presented jointly by the National Research Council
 Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and Canadian
 Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), recognizes innovative excellence for
 Canadian SMEs in the development of a new technology or the adoption and
 application of a new technology in process or new development.
     Selected from more than 70 contenders, SolVision won the award for its
 patented FMI technology, which allows microelectronics components to be
 inspected with sub-micron precision at inspection speeds over 40 times
 faster than alternative methods. Applications for this inspection
 technology include the semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing and
 packaging industries, namely wafer bumping, flip-chip substrate assembly
 and IC packaging (including microprocessors, memory chips and large ASICs).
     "We are extremely honored to have been selected as the winner of this
 prestigious award for the Quebec region," said Alain Coulombe, president of
 SolVision. "FMI technology has contributed to important advancements in
 microelectronics inspection and, with continued application, will play a
 major role in establishing Canada as a leader in the international 3D
 vision inspection industry," added Coulombe.
     As one of seven regional award winners from across Canada, SolVision
 was also a finalist in the national NRC-IRAP awards and was presented with
 a Certificate of Merit at the CME's Sixth Annual Canadian Innovation Awards
 Gala in Calgary on October 3, 2006.
     About FMI Technology
     Inspired by the principles of moire interferometry, Fast Moire
 Interferometry technology captures X, Y and Z measurements for every pixel
 with unmatched accuracy, repeatability and throughput.
     Using high-resolution cameras in combination with a pattern projector,
 FMI technology analyzes the entire field of view (FOV) to obtain 3D and 2D
 measurements concurrently. The scalability of FMI technology permits the
 use of multiple camera types for various application areas and allows
 multiple components to be encompassed in a single FOV, ensuring faster data
 acquisition and higher throughputs.
     About SolVision
     SolVision is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance
 automated visual inspection equipment for the microelectronics industry.
 Founded by former IBM foundry managers and scientists from the
 microelectronics manufacturing sector, SolVision combines more than a
 decade of industry expertise with its patented FMI(TM) technology to set
 new standards in performance and accuracy for visual inspection - including
 wafer, FC substrate and advanced IC packaging inspection. As the
 semiconductor industry pushes testing criteria from micro- to
 nanotechnology, SolVision provides unique platforms that address today's
 needs and stand poised for tomorrow's challenges.
     For more information about SolVision, please visit our website at

SOURCE Solvision Inc.